Tenant Rights in Foreclosed Buildings

ID-100243367-300x199According to CNN.com, the number of foreclosures in 2009 reached an all-time high record. With such high numbers of foreclosures taking place, renters are often directly impacted. Despite the turmoil of a foreclosure, recent legislative changes provide tenants with several legal rights even if the ownership of a building changes hands.

Tenant Rights


Prior to 2009, a lease … (more…)

Fair Housing Act Regulations

Fair HousingEvery American has the right to rent the property he wants to live in, regardless of ethnicity, race, handicap status or family situation. Although several acts and court decisions dating back to the Civil Rights Act of 1866 made allusions to equal opportunity housing, it wasn’t until the Civil Rights Act of 1968 was passed that enforcement of fair-housing legislation … (more…)

Three Simple Steps to Paying Your Property Taxes on Time

tax1-300x199Property taxes are collected by the government in every state. It is a state collected tax and is different for not just every state but also depending on which part of the state your property sits on. There is no fixed amount that the local governments use to calculate the tax amounts, but the methodology is the value of the … (more…)

Raising Capital: Self Directed IRAs

iras-300x199Sometimes it may be difficult to find funds to funnel into a good investment that can give life long returns. Retirement plans and the money that you set aside every month can be directed towards this. It is possible to fund your plans on a solid investment like a rental property. They are called self directed IRAs.

What are self


Mandate Tenant Insurance

insurance-300x200Tenant insurance is a subject that has come under a lot of debate and even confusion among landlords and tenants alike. Many landlords feel that it is necessary to mandate tenant insurance in the rent contracts. This would make it necessary for people living on the property to take care of their own things. In many places, however, tenants do … (more…)

What is Landlord Insurance?


When you give your property – both commercial as well as homes – out on rent, you are sure to have a property insurance. Your regular insurance that you have over your property may not pay up if the insurer comes to know that you have given your property out on rent.

There are risks that come with renting your … (more…)

Tax Lien Certificates – A Profitable Investment

tax-300x200Tax Liens are a novel way to invest money and they can turn out to be highly rewarding in certain circumstances. The simplest way to explain Tax Liens is, you can buy out unpaid taxes from the tax authorities and they will refund the money with the applicable interest rates once the defaulters pay their dues. In some instances where … (more…)

Deductible Expenses for Rental Property

Joor-1-300x200As a landlord, there are a number of things that you will be paying for. While it may feel like you are paying a lot more in taxes and expenses that you should, there are also a number of breaks that you can make use of.

Here are a few deductible expenses for rental property that you should definitely look … (more…)