Easy Gardening in St. Louis

perennial-gardenAny homeowner will admit that s/he would love to have great gardens and landscaping.  Admit it – you drive through your neighborhood and always have a bit of envy, and maybe a tiny bit of anger, over that one yard that puts every other one, including yours, to shame.  How many hours must they be spending – hours that no … (more…)

Home Maintenance is Boring

home-maintenance2-227x300Everyone is excited when s/he gets new flooring, kitchen and bath remodels, adds a room or spruces up a room with new decorating.  A large part of that excitement comes from the visibility of the change. We are proud to show off our improvements and to luxuriate in them!  If we own investment property, moreover, improvements can realize greater profits … (more…)

Tips for Landlords on Electrical Maintenance

electrical-300x204If you don’t think electrical maintenance should be done regularly, a study published by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) in 2013 will surely change your mind. It was found that has found that there have been over 47,700 home fires in 2011 caused by electrical malfunctions resulting in over 400 deaths and over $1.3 billion in damages that year … (more…)

When Should I Replace the Air Conditioner

An air conditioning unit requires regular maintenance to be able to perform effectively and efficiently all through the years. Neglect that, and your air conditioning unit’s functionality will steadily decline along with an increase in energy consumption as well. So if your air conditioning system is beyond repair and you’ve already made your mind to replace it, here are a … (more…)

Home Improvement: DIY Or Go Pro?

Untitled5-300x225As materials and tools become increasingly easy to access, many home owners prefer to take on home projects that they can do on their own. Many find that DIY is a cost-effective option that allows for creative liberty. However, as a home owner, you have to realize your capabilities and analyze the requirements of the project before deciding on whether … (more…)