Termite Treatment

drywood-termite-soldier_1301x846-300x195Termites can be an insidious and destructive pest once they enter a building. Many Termite Treatment tools exist which exterminators can use to try and rid houses of termite infestations. Unfortunately, a lot of these tools are not available on the open market, mostly because of their expense and level and specialization. However, curious homeowners may wish to know exactly … (more…)

Ferguson – Grand Jury Decision – Safety First

With the Grand Jury Decision whether to indict Officer Wilson in the Shooting Death of Michael Brown, the tensions seem to be rising once again in Ferguson and throughout St. Louis.  Missouri Governor Jay Nixon just signed an executive order activating the National Guard this afternoon, Monday November 17th.

There has been lots of speculation on what the public response … (more…)

Screening Tenants

Whether you own one rental Property or 300 Rentals,  the key to your success will be getting and keeping good tenants.  Screening Tenants properly will be an important part of what you do as a Landlord or Property Manager.  There are lots of different ways of going about this, but there are some rules that abosolutely must be followed.  You … (more…)

How Commercial Real Estate Is Valued?

Untitled6-183x300The appraisal and valuation of a commercial real estate property is far more complex and differs vastly from a residential valuation. Many experts say that carrying out a valuation on a commercial property is not just highly subjective in nature, but can also prove to be an immensely difficult learning experience for the owner. Here are the often used methods … (more…)

Recover Money Using a Tenant Lease Review

Joor3-300x200Lease Review

There are a number of reasons as to why you should go in for a lease review; you may want to increase the rent, new tenants may be coming in, or the existing tenants may want to renew the lease. A lease review should be done at least once a year, so that all terms and conditions, along … (more…)