Meet the Team

Joe OrdJoe-Cirlce-300x300
Head Honcho

Joe wasn’t always a St. Louis property management expert. He came to St. Louis in 1998 to study aerospace engineering at St. Louis University’s Parks College of Aviation and Engineering. After graduation, he went to work as a flight test engineer for the Boeing Company. While at Boeing, Joe worked on the F/A-18 Super Hornets, the Small Diameter Bomb, and classified projects that he is not at liberty to discuss.

After getting married in 2006 and welcoming his first daughter, Allyson Ord, in 2007, Joe decided to go into business for himself. He got his start in the real estate business as a commercial real estate agent with Lechner Realty Group. The years between 2007 and 2011 turned out to be a very challenging time for the business, especially commercial real estate. Joe watched many successful business people and real estate developers struggle and even lose their businesses during this time. He watched carefully and learned valuable fiscal lessons from these failures. Now, Joe incorporates many of those lessons into the conservative way in which he runs his business.

In 2010, AMOSO properties was born with a single purchase of a rental home in Bellefontaine Neighbors. Joe turned this depressed property into a cash cow, and people began to notice. Soon, he was asked to duplicate this success for other investors. By the end of 2011, Joe owned 40 of his own rental properties. As that number has grown to 65, Joe has expanded his business to include real estate management services for those who need help or are just tired of doing it themselves.

Through AMOSO Properties, Joe is fast becoming known as one of St. Louis’ top property managers. He has helped many clients quickly rebuild their rental portfolios and generate positive cash flow, even after several previous managers have failed.

In managing properties for others, Joe incorporates the same strategies he has developed while building his own portfolio, helping his property management clients maximize their rental properties’ potential. His clients appreciate this, as they realize their properties are getting the priority attention they deserve.

Fun Fact:Joe is an Iowa State Academic Decathlon Champion


Project Meanie

Meghen is the newest Member of the AMOSO team.  Lucky for her she is extremely Sharp because we immediately tasked her with one of the hardest jobs, Tracking and making sure all of our Projects and Tasks are getting done.  When you first hire AMOSO Properties, Meghen will be the one helping you get your properties transistioned into our system.

Contrary to her official title (yes it's on her business cards), she is actually very pleasant to deal with, so don't be afraid when she calls!

Fun Fact:Meghen Loves to play board games, her favorites are Clue and Yahtzee


Internet / Information Guru

Ted has joined the AMOSO team with the direction to search out information that will be of value to Real Estate Investors and Owners. He will be posting to the blog daily on topics ranging from economical ways to clean carpet, how to locate good buys on rental properties, to how the national economic conditions affect your local rental market.

Ted also happens to be an expert Internet buff and will be bringing you updates about website improvements.

Be sure to check the blog daily to see Ted’s latest findings

Fun Fact:Ted is not a real person, but he does have his own email,