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We take care of everything for landlords and investors, from finding and screening a great tenant to collecting rent and maintaining your property in ways that are most cost-effective.

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Our property managers are reliable, trustworthy, and completely professional. We understand rental properties, and we know what owners and tenants need. Find out how we can alleviate the stress that comes with renting out homes. Not only can we remove the headaches of property management, we can save you money and drive your ROI up.


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How Much Should You Charge for Rent?

Before you rent out your St. Louis property, you need to know how much rent it will earn. In fact, you need to have some idea of what that figure will be before you even acquire a St. Louis Investment property. At AMOSO Properties, we can help.

Resources for St. Louis Property Investors

At AMOSO Properties, we give you your time back while allowing you to benefit from your investment properties.

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Our goal is to find you a well-qualified tenant quickly, so you can get your rental income flowing. Our marketing and advertising plans are extensive, and we know how to strategically reach the most promising prospective tenants in St. Louis and St. Charles. By utilizing expert strategies, we are able to increase the bottom line for our partners while also providing quality service to our tenants.We will help you with full-service property management and if necessary, offer you eviction protection.

When it comes to maintenance, we know that it’s important to maintain the condition of your asset. However, you don’t want to spend more than you must. Our maintenance services are exactly what owners and investors need for their rental properties. You can expect:

  • 24-hour response to emergency maintenance needs
  • Usage of Trusted Vendors with Proven Track Records for Quality and Cost Control
  • Coordination with tenants on routine repair requests.
  • Preventative maintenance plans that include eviction protection

We work with various types of partners at AMOSO Properties. Many of our owners have multiple investment homes and others have just one property they are renting out. Nearly all of our clients have other full-time jobs, family responsibilities, and commitments that need their attention.By utilizing expert management strategies, we are able to increase the bottom line for our partners while also providing quality service to our tenants.

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Leasing and Screening Potential Tenants

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Reducing Maintenance Costs for Your Rental Property


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Expert Property Management & Lease Enforcement

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Extensive Marketing and Advertising Plans

Comprehensive and Affordably Priced St. Louis Property Management Services

We know that every property has different needs, so you can choose a basic management package or more advanced management package that includes preventative maintenance, quality control inspections and eviction protection, depending on your needs and expectations.

AMOSO Properties manages homes in St. Louis, St. Charles, O’Fallon, and the surrounding cities.

Full-Service St. Louis Property Management

Pricing Plan that Meets Your Needs

Save Time and Increase Your Bottom Line

Alleviate the Stress That Comes with Renting out Homes

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Future Tenants

If you’re looking for a home in the St. Louis area, talk to us at AMOSO Properties. Our database of local rental properties is extensive, and we’d be happy to work with you to find the right place to call home.

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Don't take our word for it!

Read our reviews from happy property management clients.

"Joe and his team are very responsive and great to work with. Highly recommend him for all your property management needs."

John Mades

Property Owner

Don't take our word for it!

Read our reviews from happy property management clients.

"Excellent company for property management. They provide great service to the renter, direct deposits every month and they are there for good renters and bad to handle things. Highly recommend."

Sean K

Property Owner

"I really appreciate the dedication and attention to detail that Joe and team emphasize at AMOSO Properties. Recently, we've had to work through leasing up new units and I appreciate the related communication and quick responses regarding updates. Thank you to the AMOSO Properties team!"

Nick Davey

Property Owner

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Amoso Properties has been involved in St. Louis Property Management and the local real estate & rental markets for years. We understand the price points, the tenant pool, and the local vendors and contractors. AMOSO will Work Hard for you!

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