Joor11-300x199A home is where a person should feel safe at all times, so home and apartment safety should be on top of the list of things that you should provide to your tenants. If you are about to purchase a rental space, assess the locality and check the crime statistics of the area so that you know what you are getting into. Areas that have an above average crime rate or ones that are adjacent to such areas are sure to bring in less rent. Here are a few things that you should check before handing over your apartment to tenants, not just for their personal safety, but also for the safety of your property.

  • Locks

Good locks are the first line of defense and most often the only thing that is needed. It will do you and your tenants good if you change the front door locks every time you get new tenants. Some building managers just replace locks by swapping them with others in the same building and while this may seem like a good enough idea, it is not safe, as no one can tell definitely how many keys to that particular lock exist. So putting new locks on doors will make your clients and you feel a lot safer.

  • Lighting

Dark corners, especially in walkways in and around the immediate building can make any person feel insecure, so make sure all stairways and common areas, including the parking lot are well lit.

  • Entrances and exit ways

Fire escape stairs, large bay windows and other points in an apartment that can be broken into should be regularly checked and ensured that the locks and latches are in working order.

Other things to look for are the peephole, the intercom system, window blinds and installation of a burglar alarm, for added apartment safety. Remember to get your place insured as well.