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Tenant safety should be one of the topmost priorities of every St. Louis landlord. If you fail to protect your tenants and they face any injuries in your rental property, you will be held liable for the harm caused to them. The chances are that they might file a legal complaint against you for not undertaking proactive maintenance on the property. Therefore, to avoid small and severe tenant injuries, we recommend that you follow a proactive approach to handling your asset.

Here are a few tips for St. Louis landlords to avoid tenant injury in your rental property.

Conduct Regular Inspections To Prevent Tenant Injury

Regular inspections of your St. Louis property can help you point out minor repair issues and fix them before they aggravate. You can create a checklist to decide what to look for during inspections. It can include checking the HVAC systems, looking for structural damage like roofs and walls, and examining plumbing and drainage. We would also recommend taking pictures and noting down all the repairs to maintain the proof with you. 

Provide Preventive Maintenance Services

Preventative maintenance can significantly help in avoiding tenant injuries. It keeps your tenants safe and protects your property from becoming a liability. Consider checking the critical areas in your rental like ceiling, enclosing walls poles, and fixing the issues. Also, examine the HVAC unit, the home appliances like refrigerators, oven, microwave, and dishwasher, exposed wirings, and frayed cables and resolve the issues with the help of a licensed contractor at the earliest.

Install Security Systems In Your St. Louis Rental

Installing security systems in your rental home is a great way to keep your tenants safe, especially when renting to families or elderly tenants.  

Secure the doors with a digital lock system, smart doorbells, and a digital telecom. You can also install affordable safety tools like CCTV cameras, ring alarms, home monitors, and SimpliSafe video doorbells. These tools directly call emergency services if the ring goes off, adding to the tenants’ safety. 

Maintain The Common Areas Of Your St. Louis Rental

Every rental property has common areas, which you should regularly clean to avoid any injury to occupants. Make sure you maintain the walkways, sideways, front yard, back yard, recreational areas, and laundry room, and free them of excessive trash and unnecessary objects. 

We would also recommend seasonal landscaping to make the outdoor space even safer. Besides, you can schedule regular lawn care, remove old mulch from trees and shrubs, and trim the branches so that they don’t fall and harm your tenants. Also, make sure all the common areas are well lit and non-slippery, especially in the rainy and winter seasons.

Provide An Evacuation Plan To Prevent Tenant Injury

Landlords can provide evacuation plans to tenants for better protection during emergencies. It contains contact details of local authorities, addresses, nearest safe areas, directions to fire extinguishers, the use of fire alarms, and necessary guidelines to act quickly in emergencies. Especially in complexes and apartments, evacuation plans allow tenants to quickly find safe areas like hallways or stairs. 

Encourage Tenants To Get Insurance

Tenant InsuranceTenant insurance provides coverage to tenants against unexpected events like theft, break-ins, and visitor injury. It also protects personal belongings like furniture, clothing, jewelry, baggage, and electronics when they are away. You, as a landlord, can discuss the importance of having insurance with your tenants and encourage them to get one that fits their budget and requirements. 

You are obligated to provide a habitable and safe place to your tenants. But, it can be challenging for you to do it by yourself as there are multiple responsibilities like conducting inspections, maintenance, managing tenants, and protecting your investment. Hiring a property management company like Amoso Properties can be of great help. We can efficiently manage your property and protect your tenants against injuries. 

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