problem-tenants-300x200If you own a rental property, your main source of income will be the tenants who occupy the house. Finding a good tenant can sometimes be difficult. It is not possible to find out whether or not they are the right kind of tenants just by looking at them.  Problem tenants come in all forms, so here are a few ways to spot such problem tenants and how you can avoid them.

How to check for problem tenants


Before giving your home away to any random ‘Mr. Smith’, it will do you good to first check their identity. The simplest way will be to check their passport, driving license and other social security ID and make sure they are at least who they claim to be. You can hire a professional to do the background check, if you are not sure how to go about it.


Your tenants need to be able too make the monthly rent without issue, so take a look at their proof of income. You can ask them for salary slips, a letter from the employer, a letter from their accountant if they are self employed or any authoritative document that confirms they can pay the rent every month.

Reference from previous landlord

You can get a letter from the previous landlord to check if the person is a problem tenant or not. Landlords will normally give a note when asked for one, but these can be easily drummed up so, be cautious and make a call if you have to.

The above mentioned points only scratch the surface when it comes to checking for problem tenants and in reality, there is little to no real way to know. Precautions, however, can be taken so that you do not end up with losses or worse, legal troubles.


No matter how you background check a tenant make sure you ALWAYS follow the fair housing regulations


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