Bathroom-image-202x300A strange bit of human nature – in our homes, we probably spend the least amount of time in our bathrooms, and yet, when people look for a home to buy or rent, the bathroom is really important!
Perhaps it is the impression one thinks may be made to guests in his/her home; perhaps an owner or tenant simply wants an aesthetically pleasing environment for bathroom use.  Bathroom renovations are a huge business, and they can certainly be pricey, but without major remodeling, there is no way to make a small bathroom larger.  Other “tricks,” however, can be used in enlarging small bathrooms and adding value and attraction to a home.

Give the Illusion of “Larger” in a Small Bathroom

1.   Everyone knows that mirrors “add” size to a room, so make your bathroom mirror as large as possible without looking silly.

2.  Install a pedestal sink, to replace a bulkier one with vanity and cabinets/drawers underneath.  While you may not like the lack of space and storage, there are methods for accommodating these.  Attach as much as you can to the walls – liquid soap dispenser, a stunning, covered toothbrush holder, etc.  Place a mirrored cabinet above the sink.  Add more storage space above a toilet with any of the great, stylish shelving systems.

3.  If you have a tub/shower combination, chances are it takes up an entire wall of the bathroom.  If there is another bathroom with a tub, get rid of this one, in favor of a corner shower unit.  You have just provided additional space and enlarged the room!  And, in the corner you have just acquired, you can place a stand for towels or a small corner shelving unit.

4.  If your tiny bathroom has a window, don’t cover it with curtains or shades.  Use a glaze to add an opaque covering that still allows daylight in.  And lighting fixtures should not be “heavy.”  Choose a sleek design, perhaps curved, with small individual lights that can be rotated as you wish.

5.  Unused wall space can accommodate pictures.  Do not use dark still lifes.  Instead, use pastel land or seascapes that will add visual “space” to the bathroom confines.  Heavy wallpaper is a big “no-no” too!  You see?  Enlarging a bathroom can be easy!

5.  Flooring for tiny bathrooms can also impact size impression.  Using smaller ceramic tiles (no larger than 9” x 9”) makes a space look larger.  And dark floor tile is not a problem, as long as the walls are a contrasting light color.

Remember – “sleek” adds the image of larger size.  Don’t fill the bathroom with knick-knacks on shelves and walls – the room will look crowded and “stuffed.”  The idea is to take a small space and make is “roomy” and appealing, and enlarging small bathrooms need not cost thousands!