What is AMOSO? What does AMOSO mean? What does AMOSO stand for?

This is the number 1 most common question we get asked. AMOSO is an acronym. When I bought my first property I had to name the ownership company something, and my dad already owned OrdProperties, and I was not fan of Joe properties or any combination of my own initials. Then it hit me that I should take my self completely out of it, and name it out after my Ladies. My oldest Daughter’s name is Allyson (A) Michelle (M) Ord (O) and my wife’s name is Sanja (S) Ord (O), combining them makesAMOSO. Fun Fact: When my youngest Daughter was born, we named her after her Grandmas, Anna Margaret, so she gets to be the AMO in AMOSO as well!

Do you only manage Single Family Homes?

St. Louis County Single Family Homes make up the majority of our management portfolio currently, but we do manage, multi-family apartments, condos, and commercial centers as well. We also have the capability to manage HOAs as well.

Why wouldn’t you mange my rental property?

At AMOSO property management we strive to help as many rental property owners as we can, but we are selective in the properties we choose to take under management. While building our own portfolio of properties we developed a set of minimum standards that our own properties must meet. These standards are what has made us a sought after landlord in the market, and we wish to maintain this reputation. We will not take on a property if the owner is not willing to meet these standards or properly maintain his or her unit.Sometimes we will deny management on a property based on its locality due to crime rates. The safety of our personnel in the field is very important to us. Locality plays a factor in the rent ability of a unit as well. There are some cases where due to external conditions, renting properties in certain areas is very very difficult, even for leasing experts like AMOSO. If we feel we can’t lease a property for any reason we will tell you. If the reason is correctable we will encourage you to make those corrections, and then we would reconsider our management decision. If the problem is not correctable we will just politely decline the opportunity.

Why won’t you manage my 1 bedroom units?

In most cases AMOSO does not take on 1 bedroom homes, This is purely a company decision on what types of properties it wishes to manage. AMOSO will manage 1 bedroom units as part of a larger complex such as an apartment building with several studio apartments.

I have 10, 20, 50, 300 hundred homes I want you to manage, do you provide a volume discount?

No.As much as we would love to get your large portfolio of business, we cannot cut our single family rates to get it. Whether you are bringing us 1 property or 1000 properties, the amount of work per unit is the same, which requires our rate to be the same.

“Bottom Properties” as said they will manage my properties for 8%, 7% etc. Will you meet the price?

No.Our price for single family units is 10% If we reduce our price will have to sacrifice services and quality of services we can provide. We understand bottom line is a big consideration in cash flow, so if you choose to go with the cheap guy, we get it, but make sure you review the fine print. A lot of discount Property Managers will slide in undisclosed fees, such as security deposit collection fees, or monthly minimums.

Other Property Managers charge their fee on Security Deposits and also charge minimum monthly fee, why don’t you?

Our policy on security deposits is simple. A security deposit is meant to secure a home. If the tenant takes care of the home, they will be due their entire security deposit, and we do not feel a property owner should have to come out of pocket to make up a fee to pay a tenant a full deposit. As far as monthly minimums, if we take on a property for management, we have a reasonable expectation that we can lease it for you and we do not feel we should get paid unless you do.

Why can’t you give me a quote over the phone for my apartment complex?

Unfortunately, we need time to review the details of your apartment complex. How many units does it have, and what the unit mix? What is the current vacancy rate, and rent roll? Does the complex require a full or part-time on site manager. How is maintenance currently being handled at this location? How should maintenance be handled at this location. Does the complex have HUD funded requirements that are being or not being met?We like apartment complexes and we will customize a program and price to fit your needs, please give us an opportunity to review your project!

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