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Background Checks

Dig deep and expose potential threats.


Get the full story with national criminal & eviction reports.


background check on tenants


Guaranteed Quality Reporting

Paint a picture of your applicants leasing behaviors and history with our complete, accurate and timely criminal and eviction reports.  Our team is certified by the  Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) giving you more assurance with minimal false positives.


Comprehensive Scans

AMOSO DIY uses powerful technology to instantly scan millions of unique criminal and eviction records nationally including the FBI’s Most Wanted List, the Terrorist Watchlist and the Sex Offender Registry.


Historical Tracing

A tenant screening service that provides an in-depth background check by going back in time to search  historic name and address records is crucial for any rental property owner.  Sleep better at night knowing that your applicants are trustworthy and your current residents will be safe.


Eviction Investigation

We conduct in-depth eviction investigations.  Using SSN verification we are able to scour tens of millions of landlord-tenant records to obtain crucial information not found with credit reports alone.


Don’t forget the Credit Report!


Million criminal and eviction records searched

Different national databases

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