With the Grand Jury Decision whether to indict Officer Wilson in the Shooting Death of Michael Brown, the tensions seem to be rising once again in Ferguson and throughout St. Louis.  Missouri Governor Jay Nixon just signed an executive order activating the National Guard this afternoon, Monday November 17th.

There has been lots of speculation on what the public response will be to the decision.  We hope any response regardless of the decision will remain peaceful.  However, there seems to be a strong possibility that the response will be disruptive.  If this is the case, please keep your safety in mind first.  I encourage you to refer to our earlier blog post for suggestions if protests should turn violent again.

Also please note that if you are an AMOSO Properties Tenant and live in an area affected by any civil disobedience, we may not be able to respond to maintenance requests in the usual timely fashion.  We cannot ask our workers or vendors to go work where they do not feel safe.  We will follow the local news closely during this time and we will have to make work decisions daily.  Hopefully we will be back to business as usual quickly.

We sincerely hope that all the posturing by the police and the National Guard Activation turns out to be just a precautionary measure or an over-reaction.  Regardless of the decision we hope people are able to have their voices heard in a peaceful manner.