Joor-300x200Having great tenants occupy your property is something that every landlord wants and needs, but few find. You may have a nice house, well stocked and furnished, but if you have no way to tell people, there is really no point to it. A perspective tenant who is perfect for the house as well as you as a landlord may have just passed by without even noticing your property. Unfavorable for both parties involved. One way to attract the right kind of tenant is to write a suitable advertisement.

How to write a great advertisement?

Here are a few tips to get you started on the best kind of home rental advert:

  • Composing the headline: The best ads always have a good headline and when you write your headline, it should be attract right away. Use this formula; Description + type of property + outstanding feature + locality= eyes, immediately. The first impression is pretty much the only impression you will need online.
  • Format: Be wary of long confusing sentences and excessive jargon, you are not writing a thesis paper. Make short and concise statements, without clutter. Great tenants will just scroll through if it looks messy.
  • Highlight: That feature you used in the headline? Highlight it. Give it a bit more detail, speak of all the enhancements. If your tenants are looking for something close to what you have to offer, they will scoop it up almost instantly.

There are more tenants than landlords out there, so you should not have any trouble finding a tenant, but not all tenants will suit you, or your home and what you expect out of a tenant, so finding tenants is important, but finding great tenants is a little more, if not equally important.