ID-100201639-300x199Everyone at AMOSO Properties sincerely hopes that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We hope that you are taking this day to spend with your Family and Friends.  AMOSO Properties will be closed today and tomorrow.  If you are one of our Tenants and have a maintenance request please use your tenant portal or call .  Once again, please enjoy this wonderful holiday with your friends and family, Eat Lots, be safe and HAPPY THANKSGIVING from your friends at AMOSO Properties

Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Cook Safely

Make sure you cook at the recommended tempatures and lengths of time when cooking your turkey.  An undercooked Turkey can lead to food sickness.  Also if you are deep fat frying a turkey, make sure you are doing this cooking outside.  Make sure the Bird is completely thawed before putting it in the fryer.  Nothing will ruin your holiday faster than a fire.

2.  Limit you Alcohol Consumption and don’t Drink and Drive!

A few drinks can add to the enjoyment of the festivities, but too much may mean you become a burden to your friends and family.  Make sure to be considerate.  Also make sure to exercise good judgment when it comes to getting behind the wheel.  No one wants to get a DUI on Thanksgiving!


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