How the St. Louis Eviction Process Works for Property Owners - Article Banner

Evictions are complicated and they’re often expensive. It’s not a good situation for anyone – owners or tenants.

At AMOSO Properties, we’re confident that the tenants we place will pay their rent on time, follow the terms of the lease agreement, and help us maintain your rental home. We take a lot of time and invest a lot of resources screening potential tenants at the beginning of the leasing period so that there isn’t a high eviction risk a few months into the tenancy.

We also know that terrible things can happen to otherwise good tenants. People lose jobs, get divorced, and face health dilemmas. If a tenant can’t pay rent or falls behind, we’re committed to working with that person to the best of our ability.

However, protecting your rental income is our priority.

Today we’re talking about the St. Louis eviction process in general, and how we take care of things for you as your property managers.

Eviction Protection Guarantee

At AMOSO Properties, we guarantee the tenants we place. If there’s a situation that we cannot resolve with a current resident and it seems that eviction is the only way to get your property back, we’ll move forward with that eviction in accordance with all local and state laws.

More importantly, we’ll cover the cost for you.

In the case of an eviction, we pay the legal costs and we find you a new tenant for free. You don’t have to pay any leasing or placement fees. It’s our guarantee to you.

Eviction in St. Louis

Typically, tenants in St. Louis are evicted for failing to pay rent. We have a strict rent collection policy in place, and tenants are aware of our expectations before they even move in. When a tenant falls behind and fails to pay rent on time, we serve the tenant with a formal notice and demand for rent.

Missouri law does not regulate how long we must wait before filing for eviction in court, so we’re swift in order to keep the process moving. Tenants will always have an opportunity to catch up after the eviction has been filed, but we won’t delay the process while hoping for the best outcome.

Eviction Moratoriums and COVID

The eviction process has become even more complex recently with the COVID-19 pandemic and the ban on evictions. Landlords are still prohibited from evicting tenants who can prove they’re suffering a financial setback due to the pandemic.

This moratorium does not forgive rental payments nor release tenants from their lease agreement obligations. They’re still accountable for the rent they’re not paying. However, we face extra hurdles when it comes to evicting tenants until the courts are ready to accept those filings again.

eviction noticeEven when evictions do resume again, we expect the courts will be facing a backlog. We’re working closely with our tenants to ensure rent is paid and accountability is enforced. With our eviction protection guarantee, you can leave the collection of rent and the lease enforcement in our capable hands.

If you’d like to talk more about this topic or anything pertaining to St. Louis property management, please contact us at AMOSO Properties.