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Every St. Louis landlord wants to retain their good tenants for the longest possible time. However, a day may come when your tenants decide to move out due to a genuine reason like job relocation, health concerns, or other life events. 

Although you cannot stop them from moving out, you can certainly make the process easier for them by creating a seamless move-out process so that they leave your rental on a positive note. Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you create a smooth move-out process for St. Louis tenants.

Add A Detailed Move-Out Procedure in The Lease

Including a detailed move-out process in a lease agreement is the first step towards creating a seamless move-out process. Make sure you include the notice format, the duration of the notice period, and terms related to early termination of the lease. Once they send notice, discuss and finalize a date and time of vacating your rental so that you can prepare to schedule for move-out inspections and showings. 

Conduct A Move-Out Inspection of Your St. Louis Property

Move-out Inspections form an integral part of the process. It is the stage where you check through the rental, identify the damages, and take the necessary steps for making the house rent-ready for prospective tenants.

  • Create A Move-out Checklist

Creating a comprehensive checklist can help you avoid the last-minute rush and also help you justify your claim for potential damage if any. This checklist should include the items you should check during an inspection, such as:

  • Cleanliness in all the rooms
  • Condition of walls, floors, doorknobs, windows, cabinets, and other fixtures
  • The condition of the HVAC unit
  • Whether the tenants have reported all the damages
  • The working condition of appliances 
  • The status of utility bill payments
  • Have the renters left the keys in the designated area?


  • Know the Different Types of Damages

While inspecting the rental, you should be able to differentiate between normal wear and tear and intentional damage. St. Louis landlords cannot charge tenants for wear and tear, like nail holes or scuff marks on the walls. However, you can deduct repair costs for the damages caused due to negligence or intent of destruction, such as stains on the carpet, broken windows, or torn curtains.

  • Document The Changes

Ask your tenants to be present at the time of inspection while also documenting all the damages. You can compare those with the previous inspection reports. 

Collect Your Belongings From the Tenant

Renters are responsible for returning all your belongings before moving out. So, make sure they meet you in person and return keys, security gadgets, access cards, TV, and AC remotes. We recommend visiting a property a day before and checking if tenants have left all these items and kept them in designated areas.

Return the Security Deposit

The landlord-tenant law requires St. Louis landlords to return the security deposit within a month of the move-out day. Consider checking all the deductions, pending rents, utility bills, and cleaning costs. If you need to deduct the amount, show all bill receipts to your tenants to justify your deduction and hand over the remaining amount to your tenants.

Ask for Feedback

Feedback FormTenants’ feedback is always valuable as it helps you improve your rental services in the future. Create a questionnaire or a feedback form and ask renters to fill it out. Go through their review to check if they suggest additions regarding appliances replacements, landscaping, and interior ambiance.

You can also request your tenants to promote your rental property by spreading the word amongst their friends, colleagues, and relatives.

Conducting a thorough yet seamless move-out process by yourself can be testing. You have to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, for which you will need professional assistance. Hiring a Saint Louis property management company can be a great help.

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