Joor3-300x200While getting good tenants for your rental property may not be something you have a choice over, bad tenants can certainly prove to be a landlord’s scariest nightmare. Between trashing your property, not paying their rent, allowing pests to infect the surroundings, committing criminal activities inside your property and many other wretched acts, tenants can turn a landowner’s life pathetic. Fortunately, there are some employable measures to lessen the trouble and harm caused by the bad tenants. Here are a few tips that will help you do this :

  • Adhere to laws

When bad tenants decide decide to run for attorneys or legal aid, the one thing that can help you get hold of the situation is a valid lease agreement. Make sure the lease agreement is compiled in a way to deliver all necessary disclosures. A solid lease statement will clear frame your policies on property maintenance, cleanliness, criminal activity, delayed payment fines and all such common issues that may come up in the future. While complying these rules, you have several options like reading your state’s landowner-tenant code directly to the tenant, hiring a real estate attorney or using an online landlord forms system to fill the required forms.

  • Offer a deal to vacate

If you think your tenants have gone bad, you can always sit down personally with them and make an offer. Make sure they understand that taking their belongings and vacating your property peacefully will avoid further actions and you won’t consider taking them to the court. If you wish to do it the rough way and drag them out of the property, warn them that you’re going to file an eviction and obtain a heavy amount against them.

  • Know eviction laws and procedures

Every state bounds different procedure for eviction in their tenant-landlord laws and if the situation is getting more problematic, you may have to take legal action again your bad tenants. Generally, there are 2 ways of evicting a tenant : Issuing Section 21 or Section 28. Section 8 deals with problems where the tenant has not been able to pay rent, while Section 21 can help you secure the property for you. Though it may cost you a hefty amount, hiring a realty attorney to get rid of the bad tenants is also a smart choice.