ID-100268437-300x199Real estate is defined as property such as empty lots, houses and apartments. Many Americans invest in real estate during their lifetimes. A significant percentage will also choose to make additional real estate investments. Speculation in real estate can have many benefits, including tax advantages and the ability to use property owned as leverage to finance other investments. Finding the right properties for making money takes time and effort but can pay off tremendously.

Find Properties for Investment

Step 1

Consider foreclosure sales. A foreclosure happens when borrowers are unable to continue making payments on their properties. Someone may face foreclosure as a result of a job loss, unexpected medical bills or simply poor budgeting. Many banks will try to work with homeowners to help them avoid foreclosure. Unfortunately, sometimes this process cannot be avoided and the property is then foreclosed. Many banks or communities will offer the property at auction for sale. Bidders are typically allowed to look at the property before they can bid on it. Properties that are put up for foreclosure often sell for less than the appraised value. If you are thinking of buying a property during an auction, make sure that you have looked over the property carefully in advance. Banks will often require bidders to secure financing within a short period of time after placing a winning bid. Make sure that you have financing available or you could lose your deposit.

Step 2

Create your own property. One way to find real estate for investment purposes is to add rental space to your own house. Consider finishing a basement, expanding an attic or even adding a second house to a large lot. You can often build on your own lot for less than the cost of buying a similar property. If you decide to take this route, investigate carefully first. Make sure that you are in compliance with all zoning laws. Double-check local advertisements to see if there is a rental market for apartments or new construction.

Step 3

Work with a real estate agent directly. Real estate agents can help you in many different ways. Many real estate agents work with buyers and sellers every day so they are in touch with local market trends. A real estate agent can provide data about local schools and help you locate properties for potential investment. Real estate agents can also help you locate sources of financing.


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