Untitled-300x200Online advertising of property is an indispensable step that precedes finding potential renters. It’s almost as crucial as property maintenance or giving your property a final air brush before you put it up for sale. Today, the rental search market has outgrown the traditional classifieds and brick-and-mortar broker channels, as more and more renters continue to find letting spaces online. Here’s a look at how you can promote your rental online.

Finding a listing site

When it comes to rental property advertising online, it’s natural for many property owners to think that they will require a dedicated site to promote their property. This means you’ll have to build, maintain, update and host your site, which takes both time and effort. Then again, it may not always have the same results as you want. Think like a renter. Which one would you take up for consideration- a property on a site built exclusively for it, or one found on a trusted listing site? Also, most of these listing sites offer you a tool suite that allows you to easily manage and market your property for a small fee. They also have their site search-optimized, meaning there is a higher likeliness of it being spotted by a potential renter online. Clearly, online advertising your rental on a listing site has more benefits to it than building a site for it from scratch.

Visuals and updating

Many listing sites give users the flexibility to upload pictures of their properties, so potential renters are able to make a choice easily; make good use of this feature. Great visuals are certainly a way to cast a wider net that attracts renters. Highlight spaces that look appealing, whether it’s a patio or the master bedroom. Make sure you update the details on the listing site regularly, so renters know about a new renovation you made or a promotional message that you have for them.

Photo courtesy: Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee