filter-300x237Your heating system need constant maintenance as it conditions the air inside your home. It has been reported by the EPA that air quality indoors may sometimes be worse or equal to the quality of air outside the house, with a number of contaminants.

Why replace furnace filters?

Furnace filters run the air taken in through a number of layers that are designed to collect lint, hair, bugs and dust in general, starting with a slightly bigger mesh, it gets smaller and tighter through its thickness, ensuring that only clean air gets into the heating systems, keeping it running smooth. Here are a few reasons why furnace filters have to be replaced regularly.

Reduces the working life of the machine

If the the furnace filters are clean, air rushes in without being stopped and the suction from the machine works as it should without applying too much pressure, over time, they are bound to get clogged and this causes the machine to work harder as less air is sent through it. When there is less air filtered, it takes longer for the temperature to get stable while heating up the machine as it will end up running at full capacity, longer.

Health concerns

There may be a lot of unhealthy particles trapped in your furnace filters and the longer they sit in your house, the more damage they can do. Mold, spores, dust and other free air particles have to be gotten rid of summarily.

Both of the above mentioned pointers point at one thing, savings. In terms of repairs and medical bills, a lot can be saved if you take the time to replace your filters. It is recommended that you get new furnace filters at least once in three months at the most, every month if you live in a dusty region.