How Does AMOSO Properties Improve Your Rental Property ROI?

Rental property ROI requires that you maximize your income while minimizing your expenses. That’s our specialty at AMOSO Properties, and partnering with our team for the leasing, management, and maintenance of your investment property will result in better profits and lower costs.

Protect your bottom line. Stop wasting money and losing opportunities for more income. We’re here to help.

How Does AMOSO Properties Improve your Rental Property ROI

Earn More Rental Income

We know the market drives what you’re going to earn on your St. Louis rental property. There are some things we can control, however, such as how we market the property, what type of condition it’s in, and whether we’ll allow just any tenant or a highly qualified tenant we know will pay rent on time and limit the wear and tear that’s left behind. You’ll earn more with a better tenant, a well-maintained and updated rental home, and a property manager who really understands the local rental market.

Earning more and spending less is the simple formula for impressive ROI. Ask us about our results.

Earn More Rental Income

How Do We Do It?

  • Less vacancy
  • Fewer turnovers
  • Market-based pricing
  • Preventative maintenance
  • On-time rent collection
  • Tenants you can trust

Rental Income

Attractive homes earn more. We’ll help with cost-effective upgrades, updates, and aesthetics to maximize income.

Operating Expenses

Over-spending on repairs is an easy mistake. We’ll reign in costs with our preferred vendor network and preventative priorities.

Tenant Retention

Keeping great tenants is the secret ingredient for driving up ROI. We achieve this with good relationships and responsive communication.

Making Money for You is What We Do

AMOSO Properties specializes in applying expert management techniques to ensure owners increase their bottom lines while tenants enjoy quality, affordable housing.

Let’s Lower Vacancy

Let’s Lower Vacancy

Consistent rental income leads to higher returns in the short and long term. We minimize those expensive vacancy days with strategic, tenant-focused marketing, responsive showings, and an efficient leasing process. Fewer unoccupied days means more rent.

Attracting Better Tenants

Attracting Better Tenants

It’s simple. Good tenants increase ROI and bad tenants drain it. With automated and intensive screening processes that are always compliant with fair housing laws, we identify the residents who will help you make more money. Rent is paid on time, property damage and evictions are avoided.

Maintenance and ROI

Maintenance and ROI

Spending too much on emergency repairs and deferred maintenance will stunt your earning potential. We prioritize preventative maintenance, reducing the number of emergency calls, unexpected repairs, and cringe-worthy maintenance bills.

Property Management Matters

Every member of the AMOSO Properties team understands what you want for your property and what you’re hoping to achieve with your investment. Your best interests and your ROI are at the front of every decision we make. You choose us because we know the St. Louis rental market and we understand how to maximize the experience for everyone, including your tenants.

Because happy tenants lead to profitable investment experiences.

Property Management Matters

Paving the Path to Rental Property Profits

Expert St. Louis property managers know how to help you earn more money on your rental property, whether it’s one unit or an entire portfolio of properties.

Rental Listings Impossible to Ignore

We talk a lot about finding the best tenants. It starts with professional photos, engaging descriptions, and a rental property listing that shows up on every popular site. We make it easy for good residents to find your home. We make it hard for them to scroll past it.


Obsessive Property Inspections

Checklists, photos, videos, and detailed inspection reports – maybe we go overboard, but we believe that documenting the condition of your home keeps it in great shape. We know immediately if a repair is needed, and we won’t leave it to grow more expensive.

No Late Rent Here

Late rent hurts your ROI by disrupting cash flow and tossing your own finances into disarray. Our rent collection policy is documented, enforced, and clear. We rarely need to get tough, however, because our tenants pay on time and online every month.

Tenants More than a Rent Check

Relationships matter, and we’re committed to developing and maintaining professional, respectful relationships with your residents. It may not seem to matter during the day-to-day, but it creates a culture of positivity and profit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we tell you?

Can you help me estimate ROI if I’m planning to purchase a property?

We sure can. It starts with an evaluation of your potential investment and a free rental analysis, which we’re happy to provide.

I don’t want property management but need help leasing. Can you just find me a tenant?

No. We believe in full-service property management. We can’t promise you’ll earn more and spend less and then walk away once a tenant is placed. Comprehensive property management leads to success.

How do I know what my property is earning?

We’re responsive and transparent. You’ll always have access to your income and expense statements, as well as other financial reporting.

How can I earn more when I’m paying you a management fee?

It’s all about value. The money you save with our professional property management will more than cover our competitive and transparent fee. And don’t forget – it’s tax-deductible!

Is ROI different for multi-family homes than it is for single-family homes?

Yes. That’s why customized property management plans are so important. We manage multi-family, apartment complexes, commercial buildings and HOAs as well as single-family homes.

How do I get started working with AMOSO Properties?

Contact us and we’ll talk about your property and your investment goals. We’re selective about what we manage, and we’ll want to make sure we’re a great fit.

Don't take our word for it!

Read our reviews from happy property management clients.

"Joe and his team are very responsive and great to work with. Highly recommend him for all your property management needs."

John Mades

Property Owner

Don't take our word for it!

Read our reviews from happy property management clients.

"Excellent company for property management. They provide great service to the renter, direct deposits every month and they are there for good renters and bad to handle things. Highly recommend."

Sean K

Property Owner

"I really appreciate the dedication and attention to detail that Joe and team emphasize at AMOSO Properties. Recently, we've had to work through leasing up new units and I appreciate the related communication and quick responses regarding updates. Thank you to the AMOSO Properties team!"

Nick Davey

Property Owner

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