Deal with Insect Problems before they are a problem

Preventative pest control is a must. You should take care of any insect problems you may have because summer is their favorite time of the year. Taking care of the problem right away is always best this keeps them from laying eggs and multiplying  in your home. You probably won’t have to look too hard to notice any insect problems. Ants, spiders, moths, etc. are all common, and fairly easy to take care of. Keep cobwebs clear, have bug spray handy, make sure all doors are tightly closed. Caulking and sealing areas like windows, doors, and holes inside and outside the home will help keep the insects away. If you have too much vegetation or mulch around your home this invites insects to live in these areas and then they will slowly make their way into your home. Insects love moist areas. Keeping your yard and soil properly drained will also help prevent insects from wanting to live around your home. For more information on what types of preventative maintenance and what types of insect sprays to use go to your local hardware store for help.       Picture courtesy of Clip art