roof-300x199First impressions leave the best impressions and it is said that people normally make up their mind within mere seconds whether or not to purchase a home. Doing that, however, can lead to a lot of bad, expensive decisions. The person selling off the house that you are looking at will only point out the best features and highlight them. The defects will usually be passed off with comments like, ‘it just needs a little bit of work’. What is ignored for the most part is the roof and it is one of the largest and among the most important parts of the building. If you are seriously considering a property and are getting a good deal for it, make sure you conduct thorough roof inspections.

Why roof inspections are important

There are two main reasons as to why roof inspections are carried out; 1- to find out if there are any issues in the roof and 2- the remaining life of the roof. If there is no ladder or stairway to the top, or even if there is, most house tours will simply avoid the roof. A roof damage, if severe, can be the highest costing repair that you will have to face and the bills can be anywhere between $2000 and $12000. Roof inspections have to be done and you can hire a professional home inspector. Some sellers will even pay for an inspection before selling.

If there are repairs that have to be done, evaluate the cost and weigh it against the benefits of buying the home with the damage. If you really like the place, strike a deal with the seller in such a way that the cost of roof repair can be waived off the price of the house.

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