carpet-200x300When it comes to flooring, up until about a decade ago, the choice was clear. Either carpet or hardwood floors. The trends decide what brings in more in terms of rent. The late 80’s and early 90’s had a carpet rage which lasted about till the early 2000’s. Currently, people are getting back to hardwood flooring and the costs have sky rocketed. In between all of this, laminate flooring has seen a good run. Which though is the best investment in terms of returns? To carpet, or not to carpet? That seems to be the big question for new landlords.


If your property is under construction now, or if you are thinking or redoing your house, you have three choices – carpets, laminates and hardwood. First, if you already have a carpet flooring and you are thinking of a renovation, consider this because carpets are:

  • difficult to keep clean, and expensive to maintain
  • not sturdy and wear off quickly, they do not last as long as hardwood
  • dust and germ magnets if not cleaned regularly
  • not currently trendy

Most houses that are close to or a little over ten years old and are already carpeted may have some surprises hiding underneath them. Sometimes, there will be a new, untouched hardwood floor under it. If that be the case, then you already have a good option and can get it spruced up easily. If not, laminates can look like wood, cost a fraction of the money and last really long.

If your tenants have pets or young children, carpets are simply out of the question, they may not want it. Carpets are expensive to install, so expecting returns from a carpet in the form of higher rent is also impractical. As far as rental properties go, there is very little reason to have carpet floors.

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