real-estate-300x199There are numerous avenues through which you can invest your money and the safest of them are the 401K savings as they simple, have tax benefits and are a sure thing when you retire. Investing your savings to get a little more income is also a wise thing to do and the most popular two are the markets and real estate. Stock market investing has its own benefits and drawbacks and the biggest benefit and the one that draws people toward it are the profits, quick and with seemingly little work, it is, however much more risky and keeps the average person wary of it.

Real estate investing

There is still a charm to real estate investing as there is a lot of satisfaction in owning something real and tangible and not just some figures on a sheet. Real estate investing can also bear quick profits if you are interested in ‘flipping’ the property for a higher price almost immediately. You can also hold on to the property and reap long term profits from it and there is no end to the revenue stream till the day you sell it. Even then, you will, under most circumstances, end up getting a capital gain as real estate is something that appreciates in value over time.

Whether or not real estate investing is right for you depends entirely on what kind of profits and how quickly you want your money to grow. The risks are also obvious as there is much less risk involved in real estate investing than there is in stock market or just about any other investment alternative. If you are left undecided on what is right for you, consider a REIT, it has elements of both real estate as well as the markets and you will be effectively participating in both areas.

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