dryerCleaning and maintenance for your lint trap and dryer vent is easy when you know what to do. Checking your lint trap and dryer vent should be done on a regular basis. Cleaning your lint trap should be done before each new load.  Simply remove it and pull all the lint from the trap. On occasion you can vacuum what lint may fall below the trap. This is a good idea.

Clean Your Lint Trap!

Some of the excess lint that is not caught by your trap may make it’s way to the vent that is on the outer wall of your home. Cleaning exhaust vents to exterior of home will help promote good air flow.  While the dryer is running, check that the exhaust is coming out. It should smell nicely of fresh laundry. If there isn’t much exhaust, check for blockages as well as you can. You may need a professional.  Annual maintenance will keep your dryer working longer and performing better.