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Every St. Louis rental property goes through a turnover process where one tenant moves out and the property is prepared for the next tenant. During that turnover period where the property is vacant, you’ll take care of repairs and maintenance. You might even make some updates and upgrades so you can attract high quality tenants or earn more rent. Part of getting your rental home ready for a new tenant is cleaning.

Cleaning is even more important now, as we continue to recover from a highly contagious COVID-19 virus. As a property owner, you likely don’t have an entire day to dedicate to cleaning your rental property. You should always hire a professional cleaner for your St. Louis rental property.

Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

You might think you’re saving money if you clean your own properties, but it’s unlikely you’ll achieve the same professional level of cleanliness that an experienced team can provide. There are some additional advantages to tenant turnover cleaning services:

  • You’ll save time. To completely clean and disinfect a property during the turnover process, you would have to spend a full day there, scrubbing every surface and sweeping behind every appliance. You’ve already spent a lot of time with rental property maintenance. You’ve painted. You’ve replaced carpets or floors. You’ve performed all those little tasks that tenant turnovers require. Taking the time to clean is only going to set you back and keep you from doing the things that are more important.
  • Professional cleaners not only work faster, they work better. You can expect an extreme attention to detail. If you were cleaning yourself, you might not have thought about dusting off the ceiling fans or scrubbing the baseboards. Your professional cleaners will do all that.
  • A good cleaning crew will have their own supplies and equipment. You won’t have to worry about buying a new mop or stocking up on cleaning agents and bleach. Your professional cleaning crew will also haul away any trash and garbage.

Don’t waste time and money doing your own cleaning. Hire professionals so you know it’s done well. When you work with a qualified cleaning team, you can cut down your turnover time and save money on the rent-ready process.

Finding the Right Cleaning Company

If you’re not working with a St. Louis property management company, you’ll have to get quotes and estimates from a few services. When you’re choosing the best cleaning company, look at customer reviews. Ask how thoroughly they clean and make sure their definition of “move-in ready” matches yours. Make sure they’re licensed and insured to protect yourself against any potential injuries or incidents that could occur while they’re cleaning your rental property.

Look for a guarantee or some indication that the company will stand behind their work. Hiring professional cleaners for your rental properties involves some due diligence and research. However, finding a team you can rely on is worth the extra effort. You’ll also be able to establish a relationship so you can call upon the same crew when you have your next turnover or rent-ready process.

Property management relationshipWe think working with professionals is always the best idea, whether it’s a St. Louis property management company or an expert cleaning crew. It leads to a better, and more profitable investment experience.

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