There is yet another YouTube channel to clutter your choices of online learning and entertainment.  This time we have a channel geared towards Landlords.  “I understand there are already a thousand different channels with similar content” says Joseph Ord of AMOSO Properties in Saint Charles Missouri.  “We are going to attempt to deliver our content a little more interactively.  My company wants to have fun with this and just not take ourselves too seriously” Joe continued.

The channel will feature short videos on topics that should interest Landlords and St. Louis Real Estate Investors. Topics will include things like locating good rental properties, how to find good tenants and simple maintenance tricks to save money.  There are plans for videos that may provide a little more entertainment value, such as Tenant Horror Stories, the what I did wrong videos, with re-enactments, by not so great actors.

“I think the major item on the new channel that will set us apart though is the weekly live show we are planning for our fans and subscribers” Ord says.  Using the YouTube Live stream feature AMOSO Properties will host a weekly 20 minute Live video cast.  Joe and a guest will discuss Landlording and relevant topics, and take questions live.

If you are interested in seeing what Joe and AMOSO put together on YouTube, you can subscribe to their channel at this link. Make sure to set your reminder to view their first live cast of “Joe On.”  Really? That’s the name they went with?  “We’ve never claimed to be creative geniuses, just good Landlords, and we just want to have fun with these videos.” Joe said when chided a little about the name.