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Adding Curb Appeal to your Rental Property

curb-200x300It is said that you should not judge a book by its cover, but as far as houses go, make no mistake that it will definitely be judged on how it looks from the outside; this is where curb appeal comes into play. If the home you want to rent out is unappealing from the outside, chances are, the offer … (more…)

Make the Availability of your Rental Property Known for Free

The best way to attract tenants to your property is through rental advertising. If you are starting off or if you have a home that is currently unoccupied, you have to make sure people know of it. If your tenants are the kind who have a good working relationship with you, you can ask them to spread the word about … (more…)

Property Management – Deciding to Outsource

outsourcing-300x240If you are new to the rental business, you will have to consider the amount of work laid out in front of you. There will be enough things to do for it to be considered a full time job. In fact, a lot of people shy away from the business simply because of the volume of work involved. A good … (more…)

Education for Landlords- Who Needs It?

edu-300x250Every field, profession and business faces changes over time. It can just be how the markets work, it can be tax related information, government regulations or even strategies developed by other professionals in the market. Like any other business, it is important that landlords also keep themselves updated on all things that are trending in the market. Education for landlords … (more…)

Tax Lien Certificates – A Profitable Investment

tax-300x200Tax Liens are a novel way to invest money and they can turn out to be highly rewarding in certain circumstances. The simplest way to explain Tax Liens is, you can buy out unpaid taxes from the tax authorities and they will refund the money with the applicable interest rates once the defaulters pay their dues. In some instances where … (more…)

SMSF Finance: A Tangible Property Investment Solution


SMSF finance is a way to fund your real estate investment besides a home loan. SMFS (Self Managed Super Funds) are directed at people who like to get hands on with managing their finances and those who like complete control over their funds. SMSF finance gives people added responsibilities as well as a good amount of paper work, which can … (more…)

What Repairs Should I Make to Get the Highest Return on Investment

It is necessary to think of repairs on your property as an investment from which you can reap returns later on. However, most home improvements fail to fetch a decent amount of returns because homeowners often lose sight of their priorities. You could have lovely tiles imported from Italy at your entrance, or you may have a reliable furnace, but … (more…)

Raising Rents: How Much is Too Much?

house-rent-300x300One of the most important topic that many landlords remain unsure about is raising rents. It is a necessary process in the business, but many landlords, maybe even you have not been comfortable with it. There are many reasons behind landlords not wanting to raise rents like:

  • Confrontation- you may not want to walk up to your tenants and face

Rental Property: Cash Cow or Money Pit?

rental1-300x200Putting money in a rental property business is done with one major motive, to reap profit. Investing in real estate is comparable to investing money in any of its alternates like stocks or even precious metals in the sense that there will be risks and returns. The risks may be lower and the returns to break even will take a … (more…)

The Duplex, My Neighbor is My Tenant

duplex-300x206A duplex is a kind of housing system that has more than one dwelling place with separate entrances for each of the houses. Duplex houses are not apartment blocks, but just homes that have either a common wall or are built on top of each other. If you own a duplex, a good idea will be to rent one portion … (more…)

Key Factors to Consider When Looking to Invest in Apartments

apartment-300x200When looking for investment opportunities in real estate, apart from single homes, apartments are a good option. Apartments are usually smaller, more convenient and get occupancy almost immediately. At least the good ones do, and that is the kind of apartment that you should look for before making the purchase. Not unlike other types of residential properties, apartments also should … (more…)

What is Landlord Insurance?


When you give your property – both commercial as well as homes – out on rent, you are sure to have a property insurance. Your regular insurance that you have over your property may not pay up if the insurer comes to know that you have given your property out on rent.

There are risks that come with renting your … (more…)

How to Promote your Rentals Online

Untitled-300x200Online advertising of property is an indispensable step that precedes finding potential renters. It’s almost as crucial as property maintenance or giving your property a final air brush before you put it up for sale. Today, the rental search market has outgrown the traditional classifieds and brick-and-mortar broker channels, as more and more renters continue to find letting spaces online. … (more…)

To Allow Pets, or Not To

puppy-254x300One of the biggest and most important decisions that you will have to make if you have a property on rent will be whether or not to allow pets. Pets can be anything from a simple fish tank to a large dog. They have their own positives and negatives and can be a very important part of the family or … (more…)

Avoid Liability by Keeping Your Rental Properties Safe

liability-204x300Every business has some in-built inherent risks, and there are some unique situations that you may encounter in the form of liability. Liability in real estate can be explained as the landlord being held responsible for the damage or injury of tenants or visitors due to negligence or failure to stick to standard procedures. Liability lawsuits can be filed against … (more…)

The Real Green with Rental Properties

rental-300x200It is often said that real estate is one of the safest ways to invest money. Real estate investments are safe, yes, but what you want is profit, you want to make money and you want your money to grow. There are many ways to do this within the real estate market and getting rental properties is one of the … (more…)

Do I Form an LLC for my Property?

cons_pros-300x200Owning and managing a rental property or a number of properties is, at the core of it, a business. You have made an investment and expect it to reap returns. Businesses have structures and your business – the rental property that you are running – will normally be a sole proprietorship type business. You are the sole owner and represent … (more…)

Rental Property Bookkeeping – Solutions

Untitled1-300x225If you are a first time landlord or an experienced one who has been part of the business for a few years, one thing is for certain, bookkeeping is not fun, but a necessary task. It pays to keep all your papers in order throughout the year instead of just throwing all the bills in a file or box and … (more…)

Are Background Checks Worthless?

background-300x300‘Do not judge a book by its cover’, this is a saying that holds true if you are planning to get new tenants for your rental home. Not much can be judged going merely by the looks of a person. There have been cases where a group of people, well dressed and with pleasant manners, have eventually turned out to … (more…)

Mandate Tenant Insurance

insurance-300x200Tenant insurance is a subject that has come under a lot of debate and even confusion among landlords and tenants alike. Many landlords feel that it is necessary to mandate tenant insurance in the rent contracts. This would make it necessary for people living on the property to take care of their own things. In many places, however, tenants do … (more…)

The Best Tax Deductions for Property Owners

You would be surprised to know that rental real estate is one investment that provides tax benefits more than any other investment. However, there are still many property owners who are unaware of the various tax benefits available to them and eventually end up paying more taxes on the income they get through rent. Your profits are bound to rise … (more…)

How Profitability Index Measures Your Investment Property Return

profit_loss-300x300Profitability index is a measure that is used to calculate the cost-benefit relationship in an investment. It is one of the lesser know, but highly useful of the indexes that an investor can consider before making a large investment in real estate. Buying rental, or commercial property is usually done with returns in mind, and every investment has a certain … (more…)

Tools to Use when Buying Real Estate

12-300x264Buying real estate is not an easy task and a lot has changed in the way we buy and sell things, including homes and property. Gone are the days when house hunting involved having to visit every home, speak to a real estate broker and spend days driving around town. Almost every one of those steps have either been completely … (more…)

Raising Capital – Crowd Funding


Since the time of the introduction of the JOBS act, Crowd Funding has become a new and easy way to raise capital. In fact, over the last year alone, over $5 billion worth of money was raised through crowd funding. The process is simple and has allowed a lot of people to invest money on tech, start ups and even … (more…)

An Expert Interview about Property Management

1-300x198Almost everyone and their cousins have opinions when it comes to Property Management and that is not necessarily a bad thing, but you cannot listen or even consider everyone’s views. There are, however, those who have spent a lot of time and energy to develop their skills and knowledge on the subject. There are many experts and market leaders who … (more…)

How You Are Losing Money without Property Management

Untitled-199x300Property Management is a subject that is a highly contended among owners. While many feel that it is important and sometimes necessary, others take a more conservative route and say that people should take care of their own property. Their argument is that no one can care for your property like you can personally. Here are some reasons why it … (more…)

Save Time, Hire a Property Manager

property-manage-300x199If you are a first time property owner or are considering purchasing your first rental property, you are sure to have heard of, or in some cases, warned about the amount of paperwork that you have to face. It does not just end there- there are a number of forms you will have to fill out and there will be … (more…)

Raising Capital: Bank Loans

bank-loans-300x199Most long term investments are of high value and cannot be paid out right away for most people. Real estate investments are no exception. You will need a lot of money to purchase a commercial or rental property and will have to look for ways to fund it. The most popular and probably safest way for you to raise capital … (more…)

Is the World of Real Estate Investing Right for You?

real-estate-300x199There are numerous avenues through which you can invest your money and the safest of them are the 401K savings as they simple, have tax benefits and are a sure thing when you retire. Investing your savings to get a little more income is also a wise thing to do and the most popular two are the markets and real … (more…)

REO – Everyone Should Read This Before Investing in Real Estate

investing-300x225REOs have become a prominent part of investing in real estate in recent years. Though REOs are usually available at highly discounted prices, the following few points must be given enough attention before investing.

Investing in Real Estate with REOs

Discounts on REOs depend largely on the damage suffered by the property and its location. Banks that own properties are … (more…)

Real Estate Tips You Need to Know

real-estate-tips-300x249If you’re looking to invest in real estate, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind, starting with your financing options. Find a reliable mortgage broker or bank by asking for recommendations from experienced real estate dealers. It is better to acquire the mortgage before starting to search for property.

Real estate is all about location. … (more…)

Raising Capital: Private Party Funding

private-funding-199x300Private party funding is one of the easiest ways to raise capital for investment in real estate. Private funds are usually formed using either companies with limited liabilities or limited partnership businesses. Creating a private fund will provide a way to make the most of a dedicated capital pool to make new investments in real estate without the need to … (more…)

How to Buy the Best Real Estate for Investment

best-real-estate-300x300Investment in real estate requires a lot of research before you purchase a home or property. Over the past half a century or so, real estate investment has increased dramatically as it offers significant gains from purchasing and owning properties. However, real estate investment is much more complex than investing in bonds and stocks.

Purchase of properties for the purpose … (more…)

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Real Estate With a Self-Directed IRA

real-estate-ira-300x191Investors in real estate can enjoy several tax advantages when making purchases with self-directed IRAs. However, there are rules and regulations that cause investors to make mistakes and in turn leave them facing significant penalties and taxes.

Any property purchased through an investor’s self-directed IRA should be maintained through the same account. All the property-related funds must be debited or … (more…)

6 Great Articles about Property Management

There is a lot that can be learned when it comes to property management and the internet is rife with material. The problem is looking for the right things to learn and read as there is literally no end to the amount of information that can be taken off the internet, so we’ve done just that for you. Here are … (more…)

Raising Capital: Self Directed IRAs

iras-300x199Sometimes it may be difficult to find funds to funnel into a good investment that can give life long returns. Retirement plans and the money that you set aside every month can be directed towards this. It is possible to fund your plans on a solid investment like a rental property. They are called self directed IRAs.

What are self