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Helpful Household tip 1 – Furnace filters

When you are a home owner this is one of the most important helpful household tip out there. If your furnace is not working then nobody in your house is happy! Furnace Filters You should always inspect monthly, and possibly change the filters on your furnace monthly....

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Property Manager – ToolKit

Tools you will need as a Property Manager This is not some metaphor for learning how to identify different personality types, their personality temperaments or strategies for conflict resolution.  This post is literally about the actual physical Property Manager Tools...

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Repairing Wall Disasters

When you purchase a home or a piece of investment property, you do so with the understanding that a certain amount of remodeling/renovation will be required before you are satisfied with its condition.  Some of this renovation may include repairing wall disasters....

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Range Hood Filter Cleaning Do-It-Yourself

Range Hood Filter Cleaning Clean range hood filters. If you’ve never thought of doing this, you’re in for a real “treat” when you get that filter off the hood to clean it for the first time. The Family Handyman suggests simply using a degreaser from an auto parts...

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