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If you’re interested in learning more about how to be an effective landlord and a better investor, make sure you visit our education property management blog. There, you’ll find valuable information on topics relevant to rental property owners. You can find blogs on how to screen tenants, what to look for in an investment home, and how to save money when you manage a rental home.

5 Tips That Can Save Landlords Thousands of Dollars

Every landlord who has rented out a house, apartment or even a single room has experienced problems with bad tenants.  Landlords who are new to the property rental game should learn to avoid these types of tenants like the plague since 98% of the issues you will face...

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Property Management Blog

Property Management Blog This is the first post of the brand new blog of AMOSO Properties, a St. Louis Property Management company.  This blog is intended to be a resource for anyone who manages property, particularly in the St. Louis market. On a weekly basis you...

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New YouTube Show Focused on Landlords

There is yet another YouTube channel to clutter your choices of online learning and entertainment.  This time we have a channel geared towards Landlords.  "I understand there are already a thousand different channels with similar content" says Joseph Ord of AMOSO...

Property Management Pricing Rates and How They Work in St. Louis

When you’re looking for a property management company in St. Louis, it’s natural to want to compare prices. But, many owners make the mistake of comparing prices without comparing services. Before you sign a management contract with a property manager, make sure you...

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Joe and Meghen are a pleasure to work with. I enjoy doing business with them both. Really appreciate the attention to detail; absolutely feel comfortable with them managing my property.

Toya Martin

Our Goal is to be the best Property Management Company in the St. Louis Area.

Amoso Properties has been involved in the local real estate and rental market for years. We understand the price points, the tenant pool, and the local vendors and contractors. AMOSO will Work Hard for you!

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