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Expert’s Advice: How to Become a Property Manager

Should I Hire a St. Louis Property Manager For My Out-of-State Investment Property?

Should I Hire a St. Louis Property Manager For My Out-of-State Investment Property?

There are dozens of excellent reasons to hire a professional St. Louis property manager. One of the best reasons is when you’re living outside of the area. It’s difficult and stressful to manage an out-of-state investment property. You can’t run over there to respond to an emergency maintenance issue. You can’t drive by once in a while to ensure everything looks okay. Showing the home when it’s vacant is complex, and you’ll find it difficult to keep up with all the local and state laws that pertain to rental property.

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St. Louis Landlord’s Guide to Pets, Service and Companion Animals

St. Louis Landlord’s Guide to Pets, Service and Companion Animals

Providing a pet-friendly property can often be beneficial for St. Louis landlords. You’ll find that your vacancy rates are lower because of the overwhelming majority of tenants who have pets. You’ll also find that you can charge a bit more for your home, by utilizing pet fees and pet rent. Good tenants are willing to pay a little extra if it means their furry friends can move in with them. As long as you have a strong pet policy in place, you can have a successful and profitable rental experience by allowing pets.

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How Long Will The Tenant Turnover Process Take For My St. Louis Rental Property?

For some St. Louis rental property owners, the turnover process between tenants can take as little as 24 hours. For others, there are weeks and even months of repairs and renovations necessary in order to return the property to rent-ready condition.

How Much Does Tenant Turnover Really Cost? Answered By St. Louis Property Managers

Most St. Louis real estate investors know that vacancy can cost a lot of money. When your property isn’t occupied, you’re not earning any rent. You’re also paying for maintenance, upgrades, cleaning, landscaping, and extra security.

Moving Out: Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaner For Your St. Louis Rental Property

Every St. Louis rental property goes through a turnover process where one tenant moves out and the property is prepared for the next tenant. During that turnover period where the property is vacant, you’ll take care of repairs and maintenance. You might even make some updates and upgrades so you can attract high quality tenants or earn more rent. Part of getting your rental home ready for a new tenant is cleaning. 

Joe and Meghen are a pleasure to work with. I enjoy doing business with them both. Really appreciate the attention to detail; absolutely feel comfortable with them managing my property.

Toya Martin

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"I rented my house out for several years without utilizing a property management company and it was an awful experience! I then decided to use AMOSO to manage my property and have used them for the last 6+ years. What a difference! The peace of mind AMOSO provided was well worth the management fees, which I thought were very reasonable. Highly recommend to anyone looking to rent out their property."

Chastine Hoffmann

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