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Property Management

Flate Rate: $89/mo per unit

You can sit back and relax knowing AMOSO has you covered.  We handle EVERYTHING for a low flat monthly rate of $89/unit


AMOSO has invested heavily in the latest Management Software Technology and developed its own Propreitary Scheduling System to Manage YOUR properties efficiently and Save you Money!


AMOSO will email you a monthly statement outlining the activity for your Property/ies EVERY month.  You can customize your statements to include Rent Rolls, P&L Reports, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, or something custom – Just ASK.


Part of our Management Services is to handle Munciple Inspections and do periodic inspections on your property as the need arises.


Not only will your tenants have the ability pay via ALL payment methods available including an online Payment Portal, We will do all the income and expense accounting so your Books are Correct..  


We work hard to make sure you are always up to speed on whats going on at your Property/ies.  The whole Staff at AMOSO Properties is Authorized to Speak to Owners and work to address any concerns that may arise.


If your Property is in need of a Tenant or becomes in need of a Tenant, AMOSO will quickly market and locate a new tenant for you to keep vacancy to a minimum.


AMOSO offers customizable maintenance service options.  We are full staffed to handle your maintenance needs, however we can accomodate your special maintenance requirements if you have your own people.

Eviction Insurance

Coming Soon! – For a low monthly fee, you can protect yourself against the legal costs associated with having to evict a problem Tenant. Ask about this upcoming service during your On-boarding call after you sign up.

Ready to get started?

With Our Easy Sign Up Process, you can have your Properties Professionally Managed in under 30 Minutes!
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