Flooring Ideas for Property Management

flooring-300x207When tenants move out, or when a new property is bought, there will always be repairs and renovations – count on it! Hopefully, you have set money aside from your rental income for these inevitable costs. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, however, you can save a lot, and there are other ways to save as well. Let’s talk about flooring first.

Traditionally, carpet has been the standard floor covering, because it is quick and easy to install and because there are always cheap carpeting options. Particularly in older homes, where hardwood floors have been damaged over the years and require continual maintenance, carpet has been a great, clean solution. Unfortunately, carpet wears badly, and, if a tenant does not care for it, replacement will be a regular cost for each tenant turnover. Fortunately, there are now a myriad of options for floor covering that are reasonable, long-wearing, and easy to install.

TILE: You will find several great options.

If you like the look of ceramic, but not the cost, consider porcelain. It is super cheap and wholesale outlets often have a lot of colors. And, tile is not just for kitchen and baths anymore – living rooms, great rooms, even dining/breakfast rooms now “sport” great tile looks!Vinyl tiles have undergone a “renaissance” of sorts. Designs, colors, and textures are now so varied, that they can give a casual, traditional, or fully contemporary look to any room. Again, any amateur with patience can easily install vinyl tiles!


Laminate flooring is perhaps the most popular of the “newer” floor coverings, because it is durable and comes in a huge variety of wood tones. Most laminate comes with a 20-25 year warranty, and this is a good thing in property management cost effectiveness! If you purchase a bit extra, you can easily replace a plank if it should get damaged by unusual roughness. These are floating floors and are easy to install, using a circular saw to cut end and other pieces around vents, etc.Vinyl plank is one of the newest flooring types. Tough and durable, it has the “look” of wood but is cleaned like any vinyl product. Installation is actually easier than laminate, because a simple cutting tool is all that is required. Most vinyl planking comes with a 25-year warranty, and it can be installed directly over any existing floor.


If your property management includes high-end residential property, you will probably want to consider hardwoods, as your potential tenants will want the quality this flooring provides. Fortunately, hardwoods are also far easier to install now, and most come with a sealant that allows easy cleaning and no wax.


1.  Wall-to-wall: Consider wall-to-wall for bedrooms, as people do like the feel of carpet on their feet as they get in and out of bed, and these rooms do not get the traffic that other living spaces do. For high-end rental properties, do not scrimp on quality but do look for closeouts and remnants for half the cost. Pad is most important if you want that carpet to last.

2.  Carpet Tiles: These are of a texture that is similar to the indoor/outdoor carpet of the 60’s and 70’s, but are wonderfully durable and easy to clean and replace. They are cheap and perfect for kids’ rooms and for finishing basements. Installation couldn’t be easier, and newer colors and patterns will perk up any room!

Flooring can be one of the most expensive renovations, but it does not have to be. Before you go to that big box home improvement store for your flooring, measure your room sizes, decide on the type of flooring for each space, and then check for warehouse closeouts, either locally or online. A 50-60% discount is pretty common!

Future blogs will give you other great ideas on renovations that will keep your costs low and appeal high.