bank-loans-300x199Most long term investments are of high value and cannot be paid out right away for most people. Real estate investments are no exception. You will need a lot of money to purchase a commercial or rental property and will have to look for ways to fund it. The most popular and probably safest way for you to raise capital will be through bank loans.

How does it work?

If you have a property in mind that you will like to purchase, you will have to look for a bank that will offer to give you a mortgage loan on the value of the property. Mortgage bank loans are given out on the value of the property that you are looking to purchase. The value of the house that you are looking to buy will act as the collateral for the loan. You will have to come up with a certain percentage of the total value of the property, typically 20% and the bank will offer the remaining money to you to be repaid in monthly installments with a certain amount of interest.


Bank loans normally come with an interest and the interest amount is what will be recovered from you first over the repayment period. If you have a long term loan that stretches out for over ten years or so, every payment you make initially will contribute towards a small part of the principle and a major chunk of it will go to the interest. As the years go by, the percentage of interest to principle will change and the principle will take precedence over the payments. The calculations are made in such a way that by the end of the term, you will have paid both the interest and capital completely at a fixed date.

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