iras-300x199Sometimes it may be difficult to find funds to funnel into a good investment that can give life long returns. Retirement plans and the money that you set aside every month can be directed towards this. It is possible to fund your plans on a solid investment like a rental property. They are called self directed IRAs.

What are self directed IRAs?

Self directed IRAs are different from 401K plans. It is never advisable to borrow too much from the 401 K. Self directed IRAs, however, are a good option to raise funds; it is simply putting the stocks of the company you work with into a retirement plan. Doing so will protect its capital gains and it is one of the most underrated ways to raise capital for investment.

There are rules, of course, and crossing them can have the IRS paying you a visit, which is not very pleasant. The options are, however open for not just you, but also for your friends and family to pool in cash from their self directed IRAs as well. When done with discretion and done right, can give you adequate funds for your investment. It is attractive because it gives you a basket full as well as gives you and whoever invests along with you- be it your spouse, sib or friends a tax break and returns that can go well into the retirement years.

How to do it

You can begin by moving your IRA into a self directed IRA; there is a long list of companies that do it. The next step is to direct this money into an equity investment, that is your business, which is, in this case, a piece of real estate. There are a few restrictions on where you can invest this money and how much of the resulting assets you can hold and other conditions, but other than those, you can use this money to your advantage.

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