Rent your Home with the Best Tenants in St. Louis, MO

Attracting and placing qualified residents.

We specialize in identifying great tenants, getting them approved for your property, and retaining them for the long term. Marketing, showings, and screenings help us to put tenants in place we can trust to pay rent on time and take care of your St. Louis investment property.

Better Tenants with Better Leasing

Establishing and maintaining a positive tenant relationship is part of protecting your property. We begin that relationship before your residents move in. During the leasing period, we’re attentive, responsive, and committed to high standards.

Strategic Marketing

Professional photos. Detailed listings. Online advertising. We reach tenants who are ready to move.

Responsive Showings

Using showing technology to make your property available to prospective tenants when it’s convenient for them.

Consistent Screening

Our screening practices are fair and consistent. They’re also rigorous to ensure only well-qualified renters are approved.


Want a Great Tenant? Provide a Great Property

Well-maintained properties with modern finishes and recent upgrades will always rent to better tenants than run-down homes needing TLC. You’ll also rent your property faster and for more money. So before we even launch our marketing plan, we’ll evaluate your home, compare it to the competition, and talk about some cost-effective upgrades that may make a huge difference in who rents it..

We Understand the St. Louis Rental Market

Tenants are more educated than ever. 

We’re going to need to think like a tenant and act like a tenant to attract the best residents. That means competitive pricing. You can trust our data and the rental value we recommend for your property.

Establishing Standard
Rental Criteria

Fair housing laws are complex, and we protect your property and keep you in compliance by establishing a fair and consistent screening process which starts with standard rental criteria. Tenants know what we’re looking for when we screen applications.


Effective Tenant Screening

Finding the best St. Louis tenants

Checking Income and Credit

Financial stability is an important consideration when we’re screening tenants. We check income and review credit, making sure an applicant earns enough to pay rent and acts responsibly with debt, household bills, and long term financial planning.

Reviewing Criminal and Rental History

We look for a history of evictions, criminal activity, and issues with former landlords. To approve a tenant, we want to see a documented history of on-time rental payments, transparent communication, and careful property care.

Responsive Tenant Placement

We follow up

Slow response time leads to losing tenants. We won’t let that happen. We answer phone calls and respond to messages. During the leasing period, tenants get an idea of how we’ll communicate and answer questions after they’ve moved in, and they’ll appreciate what they find.


How Is Our Process Different?

Leasing with AMOSO

We invest in technology

A lot of the leasing and tenant placement process is automated, thanks to our exciting property management software that helps with marketing, screening, and lease signing.

Time is of the essence

Moving quickly through the leasing and tenant placement process is critical to your cash flow and your long-term ROI. We don’t waste time and we don’t stop the momentum once a prospective tenant gets in touch.

We pre-screen potential applicants

We don’t waste our time or tenants’ time. Before we show a property, we make sure the move-in dates align, the income is sufficient, and all the lease terms can be met by an interested tenant.

Lower vacancy and turnover

Expert marketing, showings, screenings, and leasing leads to a lower vacancy rate and less turnover. We invest in tenants before we even place them, and that keeps them committed to your property.

Don't take our word for it!

Read our reviews from happy property management clients.

"Joe and his team are very responsive and great to work with. Highly recommend him for all your property management needs."

John Mades

Property Owner

Don't take our word for it!

Read our reviews from happy property management clients.

"Excellent company for property management. They provide great service to the renter, direct deposits every month and they are there for good renters and bad to handle things. Highly recommend."

Sean K

Property Owner

"I really appreciate the dedication and attention to detail that Joe and team emphasize at AMOSO Properties. Recently, we've had to work through leasing up new units and I appreciate the related communication and quick responses regarding updates. Thank you to the AMOSO Properties team!"

Nick Davey

Property Owner

About Us

Amoso Properties has been involved in St. Louis Property Management and the local real estate & rental markets for years. We understand the price points, the tenant pool, and the local vendors and contractors. AMOSO will Work Hard for you!

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