rubber-patioNo one thinks about his/her patio or deck until spring, and sometimes it is definitely depressing!  The patio concrete is old and tired looking, and there are ugly cracks that can no longer be hidden with furniture and planters.  The deck stain that is only a year old is already fading and peeling, and the thought of power-washing, stripping and re-staining is not your idea of a pleasant several days of work.  Sure – you can certainly hire others to take care of repairing old decks and patios, but the “fixes” won’t be permanent unless you are willing so spend a lot of money!  

Repairing Old Decks

Consider the expensive fixes for repairing old decks and patios.  For your patio, you can call in a contractor to jackhammer out the old one, frame-up the space, and bring in a concrete truck to pour a new one.   Once you call for quotes, you will discover how expensive this really is.  And, here is the “kicker.”  You have to hope that the concrete was mixed correctly at its source, and that it has been “cured” correctly once poured.  For these reasons, most contractors have VERY limited warranties on poured concrete patios and driveways.  You could choose concrete pavers, but you will still have to break up and cart off the old concrete.  And then, of course, you have to worry about the weeds that will grow between the pavers!  I will return to an easy and economical solution shortly.  Let’s talk about decks for a minute.

You are looking for a more permanent solution for a great deck “look.”  I get it.  I was looking for one too.  After researching all of the options, I knew which ones I would not choose.  Obviously, the ultimate solution would have been to have someone replace the deck with the long-term, maintenance-free vinyl planking.  If you have checked the price, as I have, you know how pricey this is.  In my case, the estimate was almost $6000.  If I had a half million dollar home, I guess this would be an option, but that is not me!  Next, I looked at the newer products that promise a thick coating on a deck, covering all aging, cracks, splinters, etc., and that looked like a great option.  Some of them even came with a multi-year warranty.  Additional research, however, resulted in a lot of reviews by dis-satisfied customers, who stated that the stuff was peeling off after one year, and that the warranties were useless if they could not prove that they had “prepped” the deck surface according to directions.  And the prep work is really hard and time-consuming – not for me!  So, I continued my research to find something inexpensive and easy to install, and I found it.  Rubber pavers!  To save you time in exploring this option, let me give you some quick information:

1. They come in a variety of sizes – 12″, 16″, 18″ and 24″ squares most commonly.

2. You can also find a selection of colors – gray, tan, brown, rust, black – and even blue, green and yellow!

3. They have been used on playgrounds and gym floors for years, so there is lots of information about their durability, and it’s all good.  You can expect years of wear.

4. Most are made from recycled tires, so if being eco-friendly is important to you, this is a great choice.

5. Installation is really easy. Some come with clips that attach the tiles; some can be glued down; others have openings on the bottom for dowel connections; some simply are laid in place, because they are heavy enough that they will not slide.

6. Obviously, they cover all cracks, splinters, ugliness and imperfections.

7. They come in patterns, and some are reversible

8. A major plus is the cost.  I purchased mine from a big box home improvement retailer, on sale, and the total cost was $548.00!

Repairing old decks and patios doesn’t have to be arduous or expensive.  Now that I have my new deck floor, I am exploring the best way to replace the railings.  I’ll keep you posted!