metal-wall-imageWhen you purchase a home or a piece of investment property, you do so with the understanding that a certain amount of remodeling/renovation will be required before you are satisfied with its condition.  Some of this renovation may include repairing wall disasters.

Repairing Wall Disasters

When you look at all of the renovation that you may have to incur, walls should not be a major cost.  In fact, most people may simply re-paint – a truly inexpensive “fix.”   Suppose, however, you have an older home with plastered walls, and some of the walls have enough damage that you are looking at a complete re-plastering job just to make the place aesthetically pleasing. Suppose a single wall in a room is “bowed” or uneven, perhaps because of an initially bad construction job or previous water damage that has been fixed.  Suppose previous water damage has ruined a wall.  Replacing an entire wall may be an option you are considering, but replacing one wall of a room almost always means replacing every wall of a room.  This is costly!  It’s time to think of some “out of the box” solutions to wall issues – solutions that are low cost and easily done by even an amateur!

The first “out of the box” thought must be that every wall in a single room does not have to be the same.  It doesn’t!  Really dramatic effects can be achieved by making one wall different!  You have already seen how an accent wall, with a contrasting paint color, achieves a great effect.  A different wall composition and texture can have an even greater dramatic effect!  Consider one or more of the following options for repairing wall disasters and turning those walls into focal points of a home.

Experiment with Different Materials

Rather than just patch and paint, consider using floor coverings for walls.

1.  Laminate Flooring:  Having a “wood” covered wall can be really dramatic, and it is cheap.  Pick a color that blends well with the existing flooring and goes all the way to the ceiling.  And alternating vertical and horizontal rows can further increase the eye appeal.

2.  Carpet Tiles:  An old and damaged plastered wall can be completely hidden with inexpensive carpet tiles, floor to ceiling.  Choose a patterned carpet tile and alternate the patterns for a geometric design that will immediately draw the eye!

3.  Higher-End Homes Call for Higher-End Fixes:  Have you ever seen a marble or ceramic tile wall?  They are stunning!  And breaking up a ceramic wall with rows of 1″ by 1″ glass tiles in complementary or contrasting colors is something that will break up any monotony of a single color or pattern.

4.  Metals:  There are some really amazing metal panels that come in a huge array of colors and geometric designs, and they are thin, easily handled, and quickly installed.  A metal wall can give a stunning effect and can easily be changed out whenever desired.

Repairing wall disasters does not have to be labor-intensive, and, more important, it does not have to be boring.  Be creative and turn an eyesore into a show piece!

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