property-300x198A house is normally the most important as well as valuable investment that you may make in your lifetime. Apart from just money value, there is a lot of sentimental value that is inherent in a home that you build and design from scratch. That is because, every thing inside it was hand picked by either you or with help from others in the family and makes the home valuable property. Protecting this valuable property is entirely up to you and here are seven things you can do in this regard.

  • Deadlock bolts and locks

Locks and bolts are a must on every external door and make sure they are in good working order. Ensure at least one inch action when installing.

  • Draw the blinds

If you are going out, always draw the blinds so that the things in your home are not seen by someone on the outside. A good number of theft and burglary incidents happen when a person sees something flashy and wants it.

  • Strengthen windows

The ground floors of homes are the ones that are most susceptible to B&E. If you have glass around the door frame or have sections of glass in the door itself, make sure they are plexiglass.

  • Never advertise

When you buy new things like a phone, computer or even jewelery, don’t leave the bills, bags or the empty boxes on the curb. Either cut them up or fold and put them away so they can be used later.

  • Take care of the simple things

A lot of us fail to do the first and most important thing when it comes down to protecting valuable property- simply lock all doors and windows before leaving the house.

  • Get a dog

Dogs were originally domesticated for this very purpose and are very protective of their owners. A dog is also an effective deterrent against potential thieves.

  • Insurance

Insurance will not prevent damage to your valuable property in any way, but acts as a way to recover it when tragedy strikes. Have enough cover and never shy away from an insurance just because it is cutting into costs.

Apart from these things, you can also install digital security systems with intercoms, video as well as motion sensor detectors. It has been found that just the presence of cameras are enough to put off burglars.

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