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There are dozens of excellent reasons to hire a professional St. Louis property manager. One of the best reasons is when you’re living outside of the area. It’s difficult and stressful to manage an out-of-state investment property. You can’t run over there to respond to an emergency maintenance issue. You can’t drive by once in a while to ensure everything looks okay. Showing the home when it’s vacant is complex, and you’ll find it difficult to keep up with all the local and state laws that pertain to rental property.

Having a local property management partner when you’re living far away from your investment is a critical part of your success. Here’s why you should hire a St. Louis property manager.

Out-of-State Investors Benefit from Property Management Technology

As an out-of-state investor, it’s essential that you work with a St. Louis property manager who invests heavily in technology. This will help you access to all the available information pertaining to your property, including lease documents, maintenance invoices, accounting statements, and inspection reports.

You’ll need a management company that provides an online platform so you can stay informed. You want to follow your financial performance and run accounting reports. You’ll need documentation when it’s time to file your taxes.

Good technology will also ensure your property is managed well. Your property manager will fill your vacancy quickly, screen tenants thoroughly, and document any maintenance requests that are made and completed. You can stay up to date wherever you happen to be.

St. Louis Property Managers Plan Ahead

You don’t have to worry about what’s happening with your rental property because your property manager will have a plan in place for just about everything. A local management team will have experience with leasing, marketing, screening, maintenance, and rental property inspections. You will have a system custom-made for rent collection and lease enforcement. These tools and resources will protect your property and serve your tenants even when you aren’t in the local area.

Look for a St. Louis property manager that has experience working with investors from outside of St. Louis. You’re looking for professionals who have seen and done it all and learned from earlier mistakes. Ask what their processes are and why they work. A good property manager will be quick to tell you how things are done and why it helps your investment.

Preventative Maintenance for St. Louis Rental Homes

To protect the condition of your property and allow it to grow in value, the home must be well-maintained. You cannot tolerate any deferred maintenance, and you need to know your property managers will be responsive when tenants call with a repair that’s needed.

Non-local property owners will need a management team that works proactively to protect the condition and value of the investment. You don’t want small problems to go ignored, because they only turn into big problems and more expensive problems.

Look for a management company that schedules annual HVAC inspections, gutter cleanings, landscaping, and plumbing check-ups. Make sure your property managers drive by the property once in a while and get inside at least once a year to make sure everything is in order.

Property manager and investorAs an out-of-state investor, professional and local St. Louis property management is especially important to you. We’d love to talk about your property. Contact us at Amoso Properties.