cleaningBiannually it is nice to give your house a deep clean.  Some call this spring cleaning. Take one Saturday every six months with your whole family, and give the whole house a proper deep clean. Some households may need more than one day and that is alright. Some families are larger than other. Appliances, windows, dusting every nook and cranny (including the basement), etc are all things that eventually need attention.


Start with de-cluttering. Put two boxes in the middle of each room and place things in one box that do not belong in that room and in the other box place things in there that you will use anymore.  Those boxes of things that you will not use again should go to charity (Goodwill), on the curb or trash. The box of items that did not belong in that room need to be put away.

After you have de-cluttered it is much easier to move around and clean properly. Start with things up high like ceiling fans and windows. Then move down from there.

Keeping things clean and not letting dirt/grime/dust build up over years and years will help keep your home in tip-top shape. This will also help things last longer. Cleaning the home should not be made hard but should give you a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.


Picture courtesy of Microsoft.