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St. Louis Area Property Manager / Leasing Agent
Licensing Requirements
This position requires a Missouri Real Estate Salesperson or Brokers License. Applicants must either already process a license or be in process of obtaining a license (This means you have already signed up and PURCHASED the appropriate coursework).

Other Requirements
A successful candidate will have his/her own transportation, a valid current drivers license and current insurance, and proof of insurance can be provided upon request.

Desired Qualifications
2+ years of single family property management experience. Experience dealing with HUD proprieties and the Section 8 program. A working understanding and ability to use without training the following software, Microsoft Office (Word, and Excel), Adobe PDF editor, outlook, docusign and basic photo editors.

$20,000/yr base draw + Commissions and Bonuses. The position can easily generate a $60,000/yr equivalent income within 12 months.

Employment Status
You will be a W-9’d 1099 Independent Contractor..

Property Manager will be provided with a work station and desktop computer at our Creve Coeur Office. Office supplies will be provided for use at office. AMOSO will pay for business cards, basic marketing materials, yearly dues to a local BNI chapter, 3 logo shirts. AMOSO also provides a mobile phone, and 24/7 access to the fitness center at the Creve Coeur office location.

Keeping record of his or her activities through our Property Management software, Appfolio.

Tenant Relations

Property Manager will be the primary point person for the tenants of the properties he or she is in charge of. The Tenants will list the Property Manager’s name as their landlord.

Collecting Delinquent rents will be the Property Manager’s responsibility.

Property Maintenance
Property Manager will be responsible for coordinating all rehab, and maintenance work on these properties through our pre-approved vendors. In some instances he or she will have to find a new vendor. Communication of progress of Maintenance activities with Owners and Tenants is expected to be timely and frequent.

Property Manager is Responsible for advertising (online and otherwise), locating, showing and signing new Tenants for Vacant Properties.

Lease Signings and Renewals
Property Manager is Responsible for insuring all leases and paperwork is signed and conforms to Federal, local, HUD, Section 8, and MREC standards.

Property Manager will need to drive by his/her units once to twice a month, and inspect for repair condition or suspicious activity.

Vacant Properties
Property Manager is expected to check vacant properties at least once per week.

roperty Manager is expected to be present at all Municipality, Section 8, HUD, client and tenant inspections of properties in his or her management account.

HUD relations
If property has a section 8 Tenant or other form of subsidized tenant, Property Manager is responsible for all communications and activities required to maintain properties in good standing with HUD, section 8 or subsidy provider as needed.

Communicating all activity with the Manager’s client, the owner and the Broker.

Filter Program

Property Manager will be in charge of coordinating the quarterly Filter Replacement/unit inspection program.

Maintain Client Files (Property, Tenant, and Owner) to Missouri Real Estate Commission
(MREC) standards. Files are kept both paper and digital as need dictates.

Miscellaneous Residential and Commercial Property Management is a dynamic business. It is impossible to anticipate all possible activities that may be required of a Property Manager. A Property Manager is required to be flexible and perform any and all activities necessary to best serve his or her clients the property owners and the tenants.


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