iStock_000032079990Small-300x224AMOSO Properties has decided to highlight some of the great St. Louis Attractions for its blog readers.  Why?

When it comes to Property Management, you have to know your town.  Your house is a small piece of the bigger picture that is the city it is located in.  You should know what your city has to offer its residents.  You should know why someone would want to live in your house but more importantly why someone would want to live in the city your house is located in.

St. Louis Attractions – Weekly Updates Coming

Since of course this blog belongs to a St. Louis Property Management company, we will focus on all that the city and county of St. Louis has to offer.  St. Louis is rich in History and can rival any major metropolitan area with its amenities and attractions offered to its residents.

These St. Louis Attractions is what makes it fun to live in St. Louis, and also if you can figure out how to utilize these city amenities to your advantage you can reduce tenant turn-over and generate more phone calls from people who want to rent from you.

Joe Ord will outline some simple strategies on how you can utilize local St. Louis Attractions to help keep you tenants involved, happy and referring to you.

I will be posting about a different St. Louis Attraction, St. Louis History or Event every weekend, starting this Saturday, in which we will take a look at the St. Louis Zoo.