Explaining St. Louis Leasing and Property Management Fees

If you’re new to working with professional St. Louis property managers, the pricing can be a bit confusing. Why are some management fees so high and others so low? What’s included in the leasing fee? Is everything included, or do you have to pay extra for inspections, accounting services, and maintenance coordination?

At Amoso Properties, we’re investors too. Nothing frustrates us more than complicated pricing structures.

That’s why we keep things simple. You don’t need to be a math genius to figure out what you’ll pay and what you’ll get in exchange for that payment.

The management fee you pay is an investment in your rental property’s success. We know you don’t mind paying it, and we know you need to understand the services that fee covers.

Invest in your investment. Earn more with Amoso Properties

Flat Property Management Fees Are Better for Owners

Some of the St. Louis property management companies you’ve encountered may have complex equations that determine how much of a management fee you pay. It could be a percentage of the rent that’s collected or even a percentage of the property’s rental value, whether all that rent is collected or not.

It shouldn’t be confusing, and it shouldn’t require long division.

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At Amoso Properties, we believe in flat rates. This is a bit different from our competition, but it makes sense to us and it makes sense to our owners.

We provide the same high-quality and customized property management services for every property we manage, whether it brings in $800 a month or $8,000 a month. The amount you pay in a management fee shouldn’t depend on the rent your tenants are paying

Our property management plans are available in three service levels. You’re only paying for what you need.

St. Louis Leasing that Protects your Rental Home Against Vacancy

The St. Louis leasing and property management fees at Amoso Properties are simple.

The leasing fee is the equivalent of one month’s rent. This is a tremendous value for you, because you know that vacancy is expensive. If you’re not able to rent your home out quickly to a great tenant, you’re likely to lose more than one month’s rent in vacancy costs.

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With our leasing program, you can count on a competitive rental value and an outstanding tenant.

We lease homes throughout St. Louis, including Town and Country, University City, Central West End, and surrounding areas.

Your leasing fee covers:

  • Pricing your home and preparing it for the rental market.

  • Online rental property advertising and marketing.
  • Professional and responsive showing process.
  • Rigorous tenant screening that complies with fair housing.

  • Negotiating the lease and collecting move-in funds

  • Conducting a thorough move-in inspection.

St. Louis Property Management Fees for Three Service Plans

Our full-service property management plans offer owners three different levels. Depending on what you need and how many properties you want us to manage, you might prefer our Gold plan, or Premium plan, or our Basic plan.

The flat rates are simple to understand and easy to budget for; you’ll pay $69 per month, $89 per month, or $109 per month, depending on what you and your rental properties need.

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There are no hidden fees or extra charges. No complicated calculations to arrive at an accurate cost. It doesn’t matter how large your property is or how much it rents for. You’ll pay according to the services we provide.

This is our simple pricing plan, and it works.

St. Louis property management in zip codes such as 63043, 63146, 63017, 63011, 63131, 63130, and 63110.

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What People Are Saying About Us

"I rented my house out for several years without utilizing a property management company and it was an awful experience! I then decided to use AMOSO to manage my property and have used them for the last 6+ years. What a difference! The peace of mind AMOSO provided was well worth the management fees, which I thought were very reasonable. Highly recommend to anyone looking to rent out their property."

Chastine Hoffmann

Property Owner

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