Maintaining the Condition and Value
of your St. Louis Rental Property

An excellent maintenance plan provides a number of benefits:

  • Your good tenants will stay in place longer.
  • You’ll protect the condition and value of your asset.
  • Turnovers will be faster and less expensive.
  • You’ll easily attract high-quality tenants to your property.

Our resources are extensive when it comes to providing emergency, routine, and preventative maintenance. We employ a team of smart and responsive repair people who can handle minor issues. We also work with some of the best vendors and contractors in St. Louis to ensure your home is in good shape.

Costs are always a concern – and we’re vigilant about saving you money. The vendors we work with provide discounts, which we pass onto our owners. There’s no up-charge when you need work done, and we won’t waste time and money on deferred maintenance.

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Property Peace of Mind: Responding to St. Louis Rental Property Emergencies

One of the reasons you hire a professional St. Louis property management company is to avoid being on-call 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We respond to emergency phone calls in the middle of the night and over holiday weekends so you don’t have to.

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Our process is pretty simple. Tenants know exactly how to get in touch with us when there’s a flood or a fire or a tree that’s crashed through the roof. We answer the phone call, make sure the tenant is safe, and immediately begin mitigating any additional damage to your property.

The vendors we work with know us well. They respond with a sense of urgency and they make your property a priority. We’ll be monitoring the repair process from start to finish, and we’ll make sure you’re aware of exactly what’s happening at your property.

Routine Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs that Save Money

We respond to routine repairs with the same sense of urgency.

Why? Because it makes your tenants happy. And, happy tenants lead to happy owners who are saving money on vacancy and turnover costs.

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Our process for routine maintenance is a bit different. Tenants are always welcome to call us, but it’s often more convenient and efficient for them to submit a request through our online portal. They can provide us with all the details about what’s wrong and even upload pictures.

This is a great way to document the work that’s requested and completed at your rental property. It provides us with a record of when things were repaired and replaced.

The vendors we work with are licensed, insured, and professional. They are also cost-effective and willing to offer us their best possible prices.

We maintain homes throughout St. Louis, including Town and Country, University City, Central West End, and surrounding areas.

Preventative Maintenance Plans Protect Your Investment

At Amoso Properties, we don’t like to wait around for things to go wrong.

We believe in proactive and preventative maintenance. In our considerable experience, we have noticed that maintenance issues never get easier or cheaper with time. In fact, they get more complex and always more expensive.

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So, we prefer to act quickly. Every time we’re inside your property, whether it’s to prepare it for a tenant or evaluate what needs to be done during a turnover, we inspect the home carefully. We look for leaks and outlets that aren’t working. We run the water and flush the toilets. We turn on every appliance and take a close look at the landscaping.

When we make recommendations for repairs, we do so because we want to protect your property.

St. Louis property management in zip codes such as 63043, 63146, 63017, 63011, 63131, 63130, and 63110.

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What People Are Saying About Us

"I rented my house out for several years without utilizing a property management company and it was an awful experience! I then decided to use AMOSO to manage my property and have used them for the last 6+ years. What a difference! The peace of mind AMOSO provided was well worth the management fees, which I thought were very reasonable. Highly recommend to anyone looking to rent out their property."

Chastine Hoffmann

Property Owner

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