drywood-termite-soldier_1301x846-300x195Termites can be an insidious and destructive pest once they enter a building. Many Termite Treatment tools exist which exterminators can use to try and rid houses of termite infestations. Unfortunately, a lot of these tools are not available on the open market, mostly because of their expense and level and specialization. However, curious homeowners may wish to know exactly what types of tools an exterminator is likely to use to try and combat a termite infestation.

Termite Treatment – Backhoes

Termite backhoes are used to dig into the dirt surrounding a house. Termites tend to build colonies in loose soil, and loose soil tends to exist in the area immediately surrounding a house, sometimes underneath it. Termite backhoes are small tools that disturb termite colonies by digging up the dirt in which they are embedded. Only professional exterminators should attempt this method, as it could potentially pose a risk to subterranean gas and water pipes.

Termite Control Bait

Termite control bait is placed in areas where exterminators have determined a large termite colony is active. The bait is designed to be mistaken for a viable food source. Worker termites discover it and bring more of the population to feed, only to be met by the exterminator with gas sprayer. In other cases, worker termites carry the poisoned bait back to their colony and feed their fellow termites, causing widespread death. These baits usually contain very slow-acting insecticides, so that the poison will have time to spread before acting.

Termite Poisons

In addition to termite control bait, exterminators will use a wide variety of poison sprays to control termite infestations. These sprays act much faster than the control baits and are only used in areas that the exterminator determines as posing an immediate threat. These sprays can be very dangerous if they are used incorrectly and therefore are only available to trained professional exterminators.

Physical Termite Barriers

Although many termite control tools are only available to exterminators, homeowners can build barriers intended to stop large nearby populations of termites from gaining access to a house or other structure. Most termite infestations are caused by subterranean colonies of termites. Therefore, it is possible to create barriers around a house to stop termites from gaining access. Barriers can take several forms. Chemically-treated soil can be placed around a house. These barriers are called chemical barriers. Also, barriers can be constructed from foam, stainless steel mesh, stone, steel, timber or aluminum shielding.

Profesional Help

As much as Landlords and Property Managers like to try to do things themselves to save money and their clients money, pest conrol, especially termite control is best left to the professionals.  In St. Louis, AMOSO recommends Buckingham Pest control who is one of their trusted vendors.