Joor2-300x209You could be moving to a new place for a couple of months or may be looking for a place to stay for just a few weeks. In such a case, instead of staying in a hotel, it is better to get a short term apartment on lease. Short term apartment leases mostly last for less than six months and are usually renewed on a monthly basis. If you are looking for an apartment available on lease for a short term, here are some questions you should be asking your potential landlord.

The basics

You must be clear on the duration of the lease and the rent you will have to pay during this period. Also ask your potential landlord if your rent will include any utilities like electricity and water or will you have to pay for them separately. Also ask about additional charges which may crop up in the form of parking charges and so on.

Get into the payment

Do not assume anything before signing a short term apartment lease. Ask the landlord if you will get any grace period (say a day or two extra) for paying your rent in case of emergency. If no, how much would you have to shell out as late payment? Also be clear on the mode of rent payment – whether you will have to deposit it in the landlord’s account or you can hand over a check.

Apart from these, also ask the following questions:

  • Will you have to pay any application fees?
  • Will you have to carry out any maintenance work on the property during the lease term?
  • Can you keep pets?
  • What about the guest policy?

No matter how long you need the place for, you need to inquire well before settling on any of the short term apartment leases to have a peaceful stay.