12-300x264Buying real estate is not an easy task and a lot has changed in the way we buy and sell things, including homes and property. Gone are the days when house hunting involved having to visit every home, speak to a real estate broker and spend days driving around town. Almost every one of those steps have either been completely eliminated or replaced with new, more streamlined approaches. If you are in the market and buying real estate is on your mind, here are some tools that will be of help.

  •  Google maps

Since the time it started off, Google maps has grown tremendously. There are now options for you to choose and sort real estate options. If you chose ‘Real Estate’ in the ‘more’ menu, you will receive a long list of options for buying or even renting. The main advantage is that you will also get satellite imagery of the locations, including street view. You may not need to ever get out of your home to scout the nearby areas for schools and businesses.

Just like picking stuff in an online store like Amazon, you can now go online and look at real estate options through a long list of websites. Most websites also have apps that can make the whole process simpler and on the go.

  •  Document digitally

Websites will have pictures, very good pictures that have gone through staging processes and shot professionally, but there is no better way to judge a home than by actually visiting it. If you have looked at more than five houses in the week, it is very possible that you have gotten them all mixed up. Pull out your phone and take pictures or even make a quick walk through video. Most mobile phones take excellent pictures and high definition video, so make use of it.

The above points are just a few things that will help you out when you are out in the market buying real estate.

Image courtesy of [Danilo Rizzuti] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net