tenants-300x225To grow a professional reputation as local landlord, or to retain quality tenants, you must put yourself in the shoes of your tenants and think about the things that they look for. Good tenants who will take proper care of your property, pay all the bills on time and report problems responsibly can be demanding in their own terms and can have higher expectations from the landlord.

Presentation of the agreement and the professional standards exhibited by the landlord to the tenants are very important for such a business deal. That is why, it’s always a good idea to keep a check list of what modern tenants might look for :


Every tenant will want to feel safe at their new home. Whether it is about electrical wire fitting or gas pipelines, you must make sure that you are ready to present your tenants with a safe surrounding. Showing them that you are safety conscious will increase your chance of keeping a tenant. Make sure you demonstrate all the safety features of the house and make them feel safe at home!


Always show motivated and committed you are by providing all possible contacts of yours to the tenants. Tenants look forward to landlords who are available and attentive. Listening to their problems and finding a solution can only be made possible with your availability and commitment. Express your preferred mode of contact and also provide your tenants with an emergency contact.


You must explain to your tenants on how to respond to common issues like plumbing or electrical works. What time frame is to be expected for such repairs should also be made clear in the beginning itself. This puts you as a reliable landlord who is aware of his responsibilities and believes in providing a pleasant stay for the tenants.


Tenants always look up for landlords as to when they deliver on their promises. Also, a good landlord will always balance the conversations between personal and professional. Tenants look for landlords who extend common courtesies like contractual notice or sometimes, maybe a check-up call.

Also, in cases of conflict, the landlord should be willing to find a compromise that benefits both the parties. This builds up the tenants trust and confidence towards the landlord.

Presenting lease or agreement documents that are verified legally is also another way of showing sincerity and professionalism.