tenant-300x200Among the many things that go into the successful running of a rental business is cultivating healthy tenant relations. It is one of the most important things that go into building a business. There are many landlords that have no contact with their tenants unless there is rent collection or repairs involved and that may not be a very business savvy way to go about it. Here are a few things that can help you build a good relationship with your tenants.


Communication is key when it comes to tenant relations. Always speak to and get to know your tenants before you give your home to them. Also, speak to your tenants, always keep in touch, communication can be the difference between evicting a tenant for paying late and getting to know if there is genuinely something wrong, if, of course, the tenant has a history of prompt payments.


Another way to build on tenant relations will be to encourage the tenants to keep you informed about the happenings inside the property. Have them call you personally and also get a few permission to enter forms signed out by them, this can be a sensitive subject, but once you get past it, it helps build trust.

Avoid heavy screening

If the screening for the tenants feels like a job interview, you may loose a number of tenants just because you come off as a rude, bossy figure, even if you are not. There are, however a few things that you will have to screen by law, do not skip those.

There is no point in being rude or treat your clients like they owe you, this also means that you don’t allow yourself to pushed around by the tenants. It is possible to be kind while at the same time be professional while building tenant relations.