contemporary-wall-artEven if you have only been a homeowner or tenant for a few years, you have no doubt purchased pictures, clocks, mirrors and other pieces of art for the walls in each room, hallway, entryway, etc. of your living space.  If you have been a long-term owner or tenant, you have probably changed your decor more than once and, with each change, the artwork changes.  These costs can mount quickly!  Before you look for pieces from a retailer, however, consider wall art on a budget with some easy do-it-yourself pieces that can be absolutely stunning.

Changing out your wall art does not have to be expensive and does not have to include only pieces created by someone else.  The first step might be to visit a retailer or a gallery with a sketch pad.  When you find something you like, make a sketch and then think about what materials you can use to create something similar.  Here are a few simple, inexpensive ideas that you can probably incorporate into your decor, be it traditional, rustic, contemporary or a mixture.

  • If you have a formal or traditional room, you can add beauty and whimsy at the same time.  Find one or two scarves that you love, stretch them over canvases and place them into  formal decorative frames, making a cool arrangement.  The same effect can be achieved by wrapping strips of tulle fabric in all different directions over a piece of canvas.
  • A sitting room, library, or den that has a “warm” decor, needs wall art that is as well. Here is a great idea.  Go to garage sales and buy old hardback books – you know, the kind that have yellowed pages. Tear pages out of several books of different sizes, and make a collage on a piece of poster board, cut to your desired size.  Frame it and voila!  A very cool piece of wall art on a budget!
  • Here’s a great idea for a long wall or two-story entryway!  Cut a piece of thin plywood in the desired size.  Then, purchase enough shims to cover the entire board.  Paint the shims in colors that match your decor, and glue them on the board.  Place them on the board as you would lay bricks – a great three-dimensional effect for very little cost!
  • Sequins and thumb tacks of all sizes and colors and sizes can create a dramatic design on a background of contrasting color.
  • Here’s wall art on a budget that I created myself.  After visiting a gallery, I was really impressed with a a piece that consisted of painted circles in silver, bronze, copper, on a black background.  I made a sketch.  Copying this piece was easier than I thought.  Rather than try to paint circles, I visited my local home improvement store and purchased hex nuts of all metal types and all sizes.  Starting at the lower left hand corner of a canvas painted black, I curved a design up toward the center.  In that center, I placed the largest nut I had, and then had “shoots” of various sizes and colors coming off of that center piece – sort of like fireworks.  The effect was stunning, and I ultimately sold it in a garage sale years later, for a great price!

If you want great wall art on a budget, check out galleries, retailer furnishing stores, and pictures from home decor magazines.  Get creative and see what you can do yourself for a fraction of the cost – you may be amazed!